Complete Pneumatic Tube Systems


Aerocom can provide the widest range of system types, sizes and designs in the PTS industry and we can move just about anything that will fit in a carrier for meters or miles, automatically, reliably and safely, at speeds of approximately 4-8 meters per second, saving time, resources and money.
From a simple Aerocom AC2U point-to-point, a two-station configuration, to the advanced, highly sophisticated, Aerocom AC3000 system which is widely used in hospitals, we have the technology and experience to design and implement the perfect solution for your business.



The key considerations in designing and choosing a system are what you plan to move (diameter, length, weight and consistency) and the journey, the start points and where it ends (the number of locations, routing, RFID tracking, integration to other system and how they are physically loaded and delivered).


Typically solutions fall into these three categories.


2 station point to point systems

3 or more station single zone systems

Multiple-station, multiple zone systems


Based on this information we would propose either a simple or more sophisticated, advanced system and control unit.


AC - 2u

Our most popular choice for basic

"point to point" systems, a 3rd station may also be added for additional area coverage.



One way or two-way

operation for point-to-point connections

Microprocessor control with

integrated power supply 24V DC

Connection of open-end stations, slide stations or KSA stations

The AC2U can accommodate high traffic routes and connect up to 3 locations. It is available in PVC, Aluminum, Steel (galvanized or stainless) tubing, with sizes from 2.25-12.5 centimetres.

AC - 3000

The microprocessor controlled single or multi-zone system


The AC3000 pneumatic tube system features including Real-time transaction reports and logging user information are perfect for many applications and industries.


Large and small organisations can reduce or eliminate the foot traffic caused by periodic movement of items throughout each shift, boosting productivity, increasing safety and improving overall value and advantage.


Flexible & Powerful

  • Graphic monitoring and statistical analysis of all transport operations

  • Proven, reliable pneumatic tube system control, continuously developed for over 20 years and is in use worldwide

  • Windows-based operating system for a maximum of 254 stations, 128 lines and 65,000 locations for various pneumatic tube solutions

  • Transponder function for automatic carrier transport, carrier counter and statistical analysis

  • Optional touch screen with shortcut keys

  • Comprehensive additional functions such as substitution mode, priority control, slow speed for sensitive goods, e-mail signalling, fire alarm circuit and secured transport






For every scenario


Where AC3000s are most commonly used the system has several zones and needs to transfer between zones to connect the entire network of stations. On multiple zoned systems, a diverter interchange can be used for maximum efficiency and a far greater traffic flow.


For pneumatic tube systems, which expect high traffic flow, the linear coupler is a workhorse transfer system with a much higher turnaround capacity than a diverter interchange.


Where the linear coupler has the edge is storage. Our multiple zone systems are supplied, as standard, with RFID carriers, this allows scanning using antennae on all stations. 


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