How much does a Pneumatic tube system cost?

A pneumatic tube systems cost is proportionate to the coverage and tube size of the system chosen.Then you need to consider whether or not simple or smart functions are required?

A better question is; how much money does a pneumatic tube system save?

For small retailers with cash security the required application, one of our Safe-linK systems in 63mm tube, complete with a checkout sending station, blower and control panel, and a safe, can be installed for just under £2k. On the other end of the scale the average 50 station, 6 zone, fully interconnecting and computer controlled hospital pneumatic tube system could be anywhere from £250k to £500k depending on distances covered, system diameter and optionally extras or accessories. Industrial applications can vary from a two station, short distance point to point system costing under £5k, to an immense system as used to cover several huge factories at Airbus Broughton, where millions have been invested, and returned on investment in months not years.

Pneumatic tube system cost

pneumatic tube savings


Return On Investment – almost every pneumatic tube system we install is intended as time saving device to streamline a process and save money. The most used application is in hospitals, pneumatic tube systems in UK hospitals save the NHS multiple millions of pounds annually. The cost of a PTS is offset on the cost incurred for human transportation of thousand’s of samples and pharmaceutical items daily in a busy general hospital, by staff or porters.

We estimate a hi-tech and fully state of the art hospital dedicated air tube system pays for itself comfortably within the first year of installation, and with a lifecycle of at least 10 years of hard labour’ will return the investment 10 fold in savings. Aside from the financial benefits’ a hospital pneumatic tube system also streamlines the processes which improves patient care, and relives staff of repetitive walks to and from laboratories and pharmacies.

IndustryPneumatic tube system Cost  - manufacturing

In the case of Airbus Broughton, the investment in their large diameter industrial  pneumatic tube systems saves thousands of man hours weekly. Replacing a formerly time consuming task of production line workers walking back and forward to mixing areas for two pack sealants with a centralised mixing bay and automated delivery to hundreds of points in the factories save millions of pounds annually. Not to forget the added improvement to site safety eliminating passing thorough production areas to and from the collection points. And an investment in safety alone is a good reason for using an air tube conveyance system.

Cash Security

Pneumatic tube systems in retail - Safe-link

cash tube system

Putting a ROI on cash or valuables security is not always as easily as when replacing costly repetitive walks. The benefits may also be in risk reduction, mitigating the hazard of having too much cash in the till, or too much stock of other valuables at a counter.

Our Safe-linK range of cash to safe or strong room systems are  budget priced and very efficient for risk reduction of robbery at smaller retail premises, robust, long lasting, and maintenance free.

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