AGV Systems

Automated Guided Vehicles are today at the forefront of modern conveyance technology. Aerocom in partnership with OTSAW, the world’s leading AGV manufacturer, is pioneering the future of UK Industries through Artificial Intelligence and Innovative machines.

Together with OTSAW, we supply automation primarily to the facilities management Sector, restructuring business processes for delivery, intra-logistics, disinfection, and security operations through robotics.

Everything we do at Aerocom is centred around eliminating manual repetitive collection and delivery chores by substitution with computerised or robotic automation, and for larger or bulk transportable items the AGV is in most circumstances the perfect solution. However, OTSAW has other futuristic ideas, all of which are simply outstanding.

transcar in hospital

See TransCar In Action:

Our Types Of Automated Guided Robots


OTSAW Automated Guided Delivery Vehicles are most utilised in healthcare facilities deployed in multifunctional roles including:

  • Meal Service
  • Laundry Service
  • Medical Equipment Deliveries
  • Medical Supplies Deliveries
  • Pharmaceutical Deliveries
  • Waste Disposal Service

Other conveyance applications are infinite, the Transcar is suitable for almost every Medicare facility collection and delivery operation and demonstrates adaptability to perform countless other tasks.

Introducing the Robot which navigates through outdoor environments safely and efficiently, without human intervention using sensors and AI, a revolutionary innovation from OTSAW.

Camello is a versatile solution that delivers a host of goods including food, beverages, groceries, and packages.

Its design allows navigation through challenging terrains and obstacles with relative ease, solving manpower tasks and increasing productivity in unlimited placement settings.

Utilising 3D SLAM-based navigation technology, OTSAW’s security robot O-R3 can avoid static and active obstacles, and autonomously patrol streets, pathways, and open areas, then return to base when its energy runs out.

Both the ASR Outdoor-Indoor Security Robot and the O-R3 Outdoor Surveillance Robot address critical security needs in private or public environments.

Actively monitoring business premises, private or public buildings, stadium perimeters, city streets, narrow alleys, and demanding public spaces, as a watchful warden against potential threats or criminal activities.

The Rosie Vacuum Robot automates the daily challenges faced by cleaning staff saving time, reducing manual handling, with consistency, accessing unreachable areas using AI technology, and operating autonomously in multifaceted indoor environments such as corridors, hotel rooms, and conference areas.

OTSAW has developed the foremost disinfection robot to employ UV-C LED lighting for sanitising and protection against viruses and bacteria.

The advanced UV-C LED technology is highly effective in killing bacteria and microbes, including coronavirus.

The O-RX can operate following predetermined disinfection schedules which allows functionality without human interaction returning automatically to its recharging base when required.

TREX is an efficient, portable UV-C LED disinfection device which is lightweight, easily moveable, time & cost-efficient, environmentally friendly, and manufactured to disinfect confined spaces.

TREX goes where robots cannot.

We expect clean air inside our climate-controlled buildings. Ventilation standards account for control of odour, CO2 levels, temperature, and humidity – but not viruses.

Air disinfection for HVAC is now critical for indoor safety in enclosed building environments.

OTSAW’s U-VC modules are proven to have 99.9% efficiency within a 2.5-meter range having been lab-tested. The modules are very easily installed in both new and existing HVAC systems.