Aerocom pneumatic tube systems are not only efficient, they are also aesthetically designed so the stations complement the location environment. All stations can be supplied with a range of matching accessories. Although stations are normally fitted to walls, stands are also available.

AC3000 & AC4000 models are equipped with twin RFID antennae as standard. All stations come in a range of sizes to suit the chosen tube diameter.

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End Stations

End type stations are installed at the end of a diverter branch and can only be tube connected from above, here are some of the most popular models:

Available in diameter: 90 | 100 | 110 | 160 | 200

The EWS station is the most popular send and receive station we supply.

The station is bottom loading and the carrier ejection from base gravity release.
Ideally suitable to any end of branch location the EWS station is very robust and particularly appropriate for high usage areas such as laboratories or central turnaround and despatch locations. Because this station can be installed with an external relief valve, pneumatic braking is especially quiet.

Available in diameter: 90 | 100 | 110 | 160 | 200

The Multi Load station is a send only station which stores up to 3 carriers.

The station is bottom loading.

Ideally suitable for turnaround locations which return empty carriers.

Available in diameter: 100 | 110 | 160 | 200

The OES station is a compact send and receive model.

The station is bottom loading and the carrier ejection from base gravity release.

Ideally suitable to any end of branch location especially where space is limited.

Universal Stations

Universal stations can be tubed from above or below; they can also be placed in series and allow through traffic. This is especially cost effective in multi-story buildings.

Available in diameter: 110 | 160

The Titan station is a completely enclosed design for send and receive.

A motorised Perspex door makes this station front loading and the carrier ejection from base gravity release.

An aesthetic rounded design makes this model ideally suitable for locations where the station is in decorated areas and blends in nicely with other office furniture.

Available in diameter: 90 | 100 | 110

The Trend station is a slimline and compact design.

This station is top loading and the carrier ejection from base gravity release.

Ideally suited where space is limited, the Trend stations thin design makes it a perfect upgrade for earlier thin through station designs, in cupboards for example.

Specialised Stations


The auto unloading station is an innovation for busy turnaround destinations such as laboratories or material deliveries. The station receives the carriers, discharges the package inside and then, using RFID scanning, returns the carrier to the owner station. The auto unloading station is currently available in Ø160, other diameters are under development and will be available soon.

The CRU is an additional add on station which effectively distributes empty carriers from popular destinations such as laboratories. The space requirement in the lab is minimised to just a loading tube which accepts carriers on demand, the empty carriers are then transported to a central location, stacked up and distributed using RFID and scanner antennae. Very effective for stopping the build-up of empty carriers in a busy lab. Available in Ø160 & Ø110.

The CRU can be easily added to an existing system and is very effective for increasing the traffic flow from major turnaround destinations.

The CRU can also be used in combination with other innovations to add huge traffic flow potential to limited numbers of tube routes.

Bench stations are specifically designed for busy turnaround locations where incoming carriers will quickly stack up in a conventional station.

The incoming carriers are stored on arrival using a rail system, several rails can be run parallel.

Incorporated with a CRU a bench station can be very efficient, coping with huge traffic flows both from incoming and returning carriers. We recommend one EWS type station with every bench setup to allow an occasional loaded return.

Available in Ø160 & Ø110

Station Accessories

All station models are available with a wide range of accessories; we stock off the shelf cabinets and tube shrouding for security and a neat and tidy finish. Bespoke cabinets can be designed for special applications. Door security can be key locks, digi-locks or swipe card access..

Available in wireframe or metal frame options. Impact protection is included.



We stock a wide variety of standard and custom design cabinets in a choice of materials.

Any specialised cabinetry can be developed by our design team, from metal, mdf or wirework.

In built storage compartments or racks help keep the stations free from a build up of carriers in the cabinet or receiving basket, reducing the risk of the build-up blocking the eject port.

Arrival alarms are available in a choice of models, they can be audible, visual or a combination of both.

AC3000 stations can be supplied with optional touch screen displays with screen locks and animated graphics.

AC4000 has touch screen displays as standard allowing visual access to the control system from any station location.