Established in 1956, Aerocom GmbH are global leaders in pneumatic tube system manufacturing and supplying of pneumatic tube systems, with branches or agencies in 80 countries worldwide. The Aerocom manufacturing base and company headquarters is located in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany. Aerocom (UK) Ltd are the sole UK supplier for Aerocom products.

Aerocom offers a wide range of operating Telecom pneumatic tube system, stations and accessories made to the highest quality and standards synonymous with German manufactured engineering. Does your pneumatic tube system performs well? The product range covers a wide selection of technology, and all equipment is available in optional diameters from 60 to 310mm tube size. The most popular tube diameters used are 110mm for transporting samples or small items, and 160mm for pharmaceuticals or larger components.

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System models are available from a simple microprocessor control panel used for basic point to point pneumatic tube systems, to the highest levels of computerised technology with the possibility of:

  • dedicated control software hosted by a Microsoft Windows operating system
  • control of infinite send and receive stations on unlimited separate zones
  • real-time graphics displaying each carrier’s progress through multiple zone networks
  • RFID track and trace with scanner verification
  • every transaction recorded, filed and accessible through dedicated diagnostics software
  • security control functions and optional accessories; pin codes, swipe cards, bar code readers etc.
  • programmable redirection of transports on timings
  • KPI indication software with graphs and advanced filtering
  • internet monitoring and email notifications
  • automatic fault diagnostics and purging functions
  • interface with BMS and alarm systems

and so much more, Aerocom constantly develops new functions and upgrades to satisfy the market demand for the latest innovations and technological advances.

System Models

Ac2u Features

  • Ideally suited for cost effective point to point pneumatic tube systems.
  • Microprocessor control panel with an integrated AC/DC power transformer.
  • Not limited to only sleeve stations and can send or return from a 3rd master station to two satellite station locations.
  • Start buttons have LED status indications and an arrival indicator

For a basic two-way pneumatic tube system, AC2u provides a robust, safe and reliable control system, but does include many additional functions and simple diagnostic codes.

AC2u is available in all common tube diameters and is often used for hospital ED sample fast tracks, document delivery or manufacturing applications.

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AC660 Features

  • Transports carriers from the checkouts to a secure cash office.
  • Can also be used for two-way operation by adding diverter units for countless other applications.
  • Used with around 10 satellite stations.

Developed mainly for retail applications as a one-way cash tube microprocessor system, AC660 transports carriers from the checkouts to a secure cash office. Outside of retail, it can also be used for two-way operation by adding diverter units for countless other applications. Typically, the AC660 is used with around 10 satellite stations at the tills in supermarkets, cinemas or banks, with a master station in the cash office, with enhancements available. AC660 is also used in distribution centres, processing and returning delivery notes or other documentation.

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AC3000 Features

  • Capacity to control up to 500 send and receive stations on a network of 64 separate zone lines.
  • User-friendly Microsoft windows software package.
  • Possibility to run the original hardware and software from previous generations of AC3000 equipment.
  • Built to last.

From being first developed in the mid-90s, AC3000 has been the worlds leading pneumatic tube system for hospitals. With the capacity to control up to 500 send and receive stations on a network of 64 separate zone lines operating simultaneously, AC3000 is a high-tech control system. The key to the success of AC3000 is not just because of its very advanced technology and vast range of accessories, it’s the user-friendly Microsoft windows software package, which system managers on larger multiple point sites find to be the main advantage.

With the possibility to run the original hardware and software from previous generations of AC3000 equipment alongside the latest technology available, AC3000 is ageless and timeless. Aerocom equipment is built to last, there are still sites in the UK running equipment and software almost 25 years old every day, although most of our original systems have been upgraded and replaced with the later versions. The return on investment of using extensive pneumatic tube networks to eliminate repetitive small package delivery tasks is never more apparent than with AC3000.

With a complete range of sleek looking stations, robust infrastructure devices, available robotic automation, add on devices, and integration with other devices, AC3000 remains our most popular pneumatic tube system. And it is not only hospitals that prefer hi-tech systems, the versatility of AC3000 lends itself perfectly to many other applications. The most extensive systems ever built in the UK is at Airbus, with a fully automated ordering and distribution system for materials, supplying hundreds of delivery points over a vast area of separated buildings.

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AC4000 Features

  • New series of single or multiline pneumatic tube technology.
  • No scale limits.
  • Control any number of stations, zones, interchanges or infrastructure.
  • Multi party remote access

The latest development in the AC series is the 4000, it’s a new series of single or multiline pneumatic tube technology, and has no scale limits. This means the system can be used to control any number of stations, zones, interchanges or infrastructure equipment.

AC4000 uses a cross-platform server for multi-party remote accesses on Microsoft or Linux computer operating systems. With a SQL database, AC4000 adds a new level of system backup. Added RFID functions add absolute security for carrier delivery.

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Choosing the system to fit your requirements

Decide the tube size

The decision required is the best size of carrier to fit the package or object requiring transportation. This in turn will justify the correct tube system size.

Soft packages can be squeezed into the internal carrier chamber, documents will roll up and overlap but boxed or packaged items need more careful consideration.



Internal Carrier Ø Internal Carrier Length Cubic Capacity Maximum Box Size Maximum Weight load Transport Tube Ø Bend Radius
36mm 220mm 224cc 24x24x210mm 0.22kg 63mm 500mm
60mm 245mm 692cc 40x40x235mm 0.69kg 90mm 550mm
80mm 245mm 1231cc 54x54x235mm 1.25kg 110mm 650mm
115mm 330mm 3426cc 78x78x320mm 3.00kg 160mm 800mm
154mm 350mm 6516cc 150x105x340mm 4.00kg 200mm 800mm
240mm 530mm 23964ccc 165x165x520mm 6.00kg 315 1000mm

Decide the amount of send and receive locations

If the process being streamlined is between two points (A – B) then the only other choices are whether it’s a one way or two ways system, and does it require any tracking or security?

If a more complex network is required, then list the locations, the purpose of the transports, and how regular the sends are expected to be. Also, any special requirements or local conditions will need considering to help decide the scope of the system required. Our sales team will initially advise on the various options available and suggest compliant solutions.

Get a design

Once the scope is established, we can bring in the design team who will advise on either a standard operating system, or possibly a bespoke model which can be designed specifically for a more complex process. Aerocom will provide a design package based on the agreed requirements with initial layouts drawn by our CAD team, and a technical submittal of the proposed system which will outline any other enabling requirements. We can then attach a competitive quote to the proposed package, all of which is provided free of charge, and with no obligation.