Kuro Pneumatic Tube

PVC is the most commonly used tube wall material for pneumatic tube systems, with this being a highly specialised field the choice of suppliers is limited. Aerocom branches all over the world use the PVC pneumatic tube supplier KURO Kunststoffe GmbH for a very good reason, no other supplier can match their quality.

Kuro pneumatic tubes

Environmentally friendly PVC production by Kuro is DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management scheme certified 

In the UK Aerocom are regularly questioned by 3rd party accreditors like Constuctionline, and major construction companies for evidence of our suppliers quality and environmental compliance with UK standards, when your supplier is Kuro, these questions are easily answered. No other supplier even comes close to the outstanding quality and environmental accreditations Kuro have in their portfolio of awards.

The product range from Kuro is incredible, their catalogue of tube and components covers every conceivable item required to construct a pneumatic tube infrastructure.  With a vast selection of tube sizes in various colours Aerocom are able to deliver quality pneumatic tube systems specifically to our customers demands. The extrusions of formed pieces is precise and consistent which is especially relevant  considering the bends radius required on pneumatic tube systems.

Sadly most of our installed tube is hidden in plant rooms, service ducts and ceiling voids, and never seen once installed. But we do get the odd work of art to display publicly, and Kuro supply several clear tube alternatives in Perspex and Plexiglass, with matching accessories.

Kunst in German translate to Art in English

For every pneumatic tube art exhibit installed in the UK, our Kunststoffe supplier provide the clear tubework which allows observers the chance to see the actual carriers passing through the system enhancing the display effect. This adds another dimension to an exhibit, and is very popular for interactive tubes systems where puzzles are themed into the concept, we also use clear tube in complex applications such as interchanges on hospital pneumatic tube systems.

Thousands of kilometres of Kuro tube is installed worldwide by aerocom and other suppliers, there may be alternatives, but when quality counts Kuro are by far the market leader.

There are so many choices available from Kuro for pneumatic tube and components its not often the case Aerocom cannot just order an off the shelf solution. But if a special part is required we can rely on Kuro to make a 1 off. And its not just the plastics Kuro supply, but also the necessary supplementary materials like adhesives, solvents and specialised tools. Training courses are also supplied on joining materials, its no wonder we never look elsewhere.

Innovations are also part of having such a great supplier, its not only PVC tube we use. The PEHD underground system with fusion welded joints has revolutionised getting from building to building externally. The PEHD system has replaced many kilometres of underground tube inside expensive service ducts in the UK alone, and its guaranteed air and watertight. We are crossing fields, roads and car parks regularly with PEHD tube providing cost effective solutions for our customers.

Consistent with Kuro investing in new products for the pneumatic tube industry CLEAN TUBE technology has been introduced  with an antibacterial effect and is proven to reduce bacterial growth by more than 99.9%. The antibacterial effect is directly integrated into the tube.


If your looking for a quality pneumatic tube system which does not cost the earth, then look no further than Aerocom and our environmentally friendly materials suppliers.