Lab Automation Systems

Aerocom UK Ltd offers the widest variety of pneumatic system types, sizes and designs, to carry just about anything that will fit in a carrier. From the most fragile object to industrial applications, Aerocom has the technology and system design to meet your needs. We offer all of the individual components necessary for a complete system, including an extensive choice of stations, tubing, carriers, diverters, blowers and other accessories.

Using only low-pressure air, the pneumatic tube system is a quiet and efficient, modern solution, for capsulated transportation of small to medium sized packages.

Pneumatic Tube Stations

For every journey

Every pneumatic tube system has stations, to start a carrier on its way or to safely receive it at its chosen destination.

Pneumatic Tube Carriers

For every need

As market leaders, we provide the widest range of pneumatic carriers and carrier inserts from 50mm through to 315mm

Lifecycle Replacement

For every challenge

Using our experience, expertise and technologies, we are able to design and offer the widest variety of system type

Safe Link

Security & Safety

the security of your takings, and the safety of your staff are more important than ever.