Aerocom (UK) Ltd is a long-established British market leader supplying pneumatic air tube systems and pioneering electro-mechanical devices for internal logistics.

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As the UK demand for dependable air tube system manufacturing to eliminate repetitive human tasks is growing, so are Aerocom


To meet the market demand, diversity has always been the key to our long-term success and fulfilling this demand means we invest in popular modernisations. Our global supply partnerships ensure we are providing up to date technological solutions from established and reputable air tube system manufacturers.

Our origin is firmly established in the popularity of Aerocom Hospital pneumatic tube systems using our unique range of dedicated Hospital air tube systems and solutions. Through product flexibly and creative strategy we have also became a recognised force supplying factory pneumatic air tube systems to the industrial sector, manufacturing and retail sectors with practical conveyance devices designed to streamline internal logistics.

Aerocom (UK) Ltd use technical solutions combined with expertise which permits us to meet the most demanding customer requirements, from simple point to point arrangements to hi-tech fully interconnected pneumatic tube systems with hundreds of combined dispatch, delivery or communications points.

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