Pneumatic Tube System Manuals & Brochures

PTS for Industry

In today’s modern production lines robotic automation may well have covered much of the ground formerly tread in the manufacturing process, but there are still many hours wasted by humans simply walking back and forward over any distance to deliver or collect small articles or paperwork.

PTS for Gatehouses

These hazards and associated risks can be eliminated by simply installing a dedicated aerocom pneumatic air tube link and intercom from the driver’s window of the truck directly to the gatehouse security office.

Clean Rooms Datasheet

Using a pneumatic air tube system can eliminate the repeated task and deliver the samples or other articles without compromising the sterile clean room integrity. How? you may ask, can a pressurised air tube system do this?

Cash Handling Brochure

Our pneumatic tube system reduces the risks to staff at the tills when handling cash in full view and when transporting cash manually in-house.

Hospital Brochure

Today‘s hospitals continue to see the responsibilities of critical hospital personnel expand. Hospitals continue to look to technology to improve their ability to deliver expanding hospital services without increased staffing. A pneumatic tube system can yield an immediate and measurable result in this dilemma.

PTS System Guide

Pneumatic tube systems have been successfully produced in the Stuttgart area since 1956. Aerocom has been the name and trademark of the company since 1996. Through merger activity in 1980 it brought a number of well­ known companies such as Aeropost, Airfix, and Aerotrans together under one roof.

Safe-linK Movement in Design

SafelinK is a one-way air tube system designed to assist a cashier in removing all surplus cash from the till, by transporting bank notes, credit card vouchers and cheques directly into a locked safe in a secure part of the premises by air vacuum.