Our Service & Maintenance Services

Planned preventative service & maintenance will assure the equipment and machinery in any system remains reliable throughout its working lifecycle. Constant usage will in time wear down consumable parts, this will be accelerated without regular cleaning and lubrication. As with any machine, the terms and conditions of the warranty will require service inspections at predetermined benchmarks to remain valid during the cover period.

Aerocom (UK) Ltd offer a wide range of PPM service packages for all of our installed systems. Depending on the system type, the general requirement is a service visit at least every 6 months, excessively used equipment may require interim service and inspection calculated from usage frequency statistics.

Taking out a service contract with Aerocom also offers additional benefits should something go wrong, such as an unexpected event, accidental damage or component failure, which may require a reactive site visit by a technician.

We’ve got you covered! If your require servicing or maintenance, we’re available 24/7 to help you and your business. Contact us online today.

Our PPM Clients Can Expect:

24/7 access to our helpline every single day of the year, including all bank holidays

online remote network support and diagnostics

comprehensive system reports and professional service documentation

guaranteed swift reaction times for callouts

extended lifecycle of equipment

discounts on parts and labour

We Have You Covered

From our national 24/7 call centre in Nottingham, Aerocom provides client support every day of the year. Aerocom technicians, with a fleet of fully equipped service vehicles, are strategically located for nationwide dispatch.

If online support cannot solve a system malfunction, then our technicians are swiftly despatched from within a calculated operating radius to promptly reach a site within our contractually agreed timeframe.

Even if a customer does not have a PPM contract in place, or we get a call from a site with an unsupported system similar to the one’s Aerocom supply, we will still endeavour to achieve next day attendance.

With 90% of our client’s hospital sites, Aerocom (UK) Ltd have fully supported all NHS hospitals throughout the UK with 24/7 cover, whether in the PPM contract or not during the Covid-19 pandemic. We have also assisted several NHS hospitals, not on our client list, where their system suppliers were not available or were left unsupported. We are proud to support the NHS and are the approved SBS NHS framework supplier for pneumatic tube systems.

Our service & maintenance department can be reached on the company telephone number 0115 9463515 during office hours for service contract enquiries, or email info@aerocom.co.uk.


If you have found our service & maintenance page because you have an urgent problem with a pneumatic tube system, CALL 0115 9463515 NOW and explain your situation to one of our on-call technicians. Whether or not it’s one of our Aerocom installed systems, do not hesitate to contact us for hospital front line support.