Does your pneumatic tube system perform well?

Q. Does your pneumatic tube system perform well?

 If not, then we have the answer

Of all the specialist companies in the UK, Aerocom are by far the most popular choice to replace poorly performing pneumatic tube systems. Aerocom regularly demolish and upgrade other manufacturers systems, providing quality installations, aftercare, and support. And we do this mostly for hospitals who are dissatisfied with their current supplier. Our call centre receives enquiries weekly from sites who are looking for a reliable alternative to their existing air tube system.

Aerocom (UK) Ltd have major pneumatic tube systems installed in over 100 British hospitals, of which at least 30% are replacements of other manufacturers systems, which were either old, unreliable or unsupported. In comparison, of the many aerocom systems installed in the late 90’s and early millennium, almost every NHS client has had their old system replaced with an updated version of the same aerocom model.

The most common complaints from hospitals are:

pneumatic tube systems

  • The pneumatic tube system is always breaking down
  • The reaction time for urgent maintenance visits is too long
  • The suppliers helpline support is non existent
  • Even when a suppliers technician arrives on site, the problem recurs in a few hours
  • Spare parts are not readily available
  • The control system is old, difficult to use and in a foreign language

It would be unfair to say we don’t have helpline calls about our aerocom pneumatic tube systems, we do.

Most problems with pneumatic tube systems are usually due to the human interface, user errors like not emptying receiving baskets, consequently blocking stations discharging arriving carriers, or send faults due to not loading the pods correctly. The difference with aerocom is, we listen, and quickly react to keep our systems running smoothly.

Whatever the reason is for the call, we don’t let our customers down.

Most trivial problems can be solved by a brief chat with our on call technician.

pneumatic tube systems

aerocom  provide solutions

The reason Aerocom thrive and survive in todays pneumatic tube system marketplace, is because we care about our customers.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and with a national coverage infrastructure

Aerocom are always available to help and have the UK covered from the north of Scotland to the south coast with service technicians strategically positioned to react to emergencies within minutes using remote support, or a few hours should it be something we can’t fix online and a site visit is required.

Even at the height of the Covid crisis aerocom were supporting our NHS, almost all other suppliers closed down! We took calls from hospitals with other suppliers systems desperate for help, and our technicians volunteered to support the NHS regardless of whether or not they were our PPM  clients.

If you have an unreliable pneumatic tube system and would like our help, just give us a call “anytime”.


Hospitals who have had other manufacturers pneumatic tube systems replaced with an aerocom model include:

  • Stepping Hill Hospital
  • New Cross Hospital
  • Royal London Hospital
  • Leeds General Infirmary
  • North Manchester Hospital
  • Arrowe Park Hospital
  • Luton and Dunstable Hospital
  • Macclesfield Hospital
  • Prince Phillip Hospital
  • St Bart’s Hospital
  • Russels Hall Hospital
  • Southampton General Hospital
  • West Suffolk Hospital
  • University Hospital Lewisham
  • Burnley General Hospital
  • Raigmore Hospital

and many more.