From the most fragile and precious objects to industrial and supply chain logistics applications, we can move just about anything that will fit in an Air Tube Carrier meters or miles, automatically, reliably and safely, saving time, resources and money.


We offer the widest variety of individual components necessary for a complete, integrated Pneumatic Tube System, including an extensive choice of stations, pneumatic tubing, air tube carriers, diverters, blowers and other accessories.


For every need

As market leaders, we provide the widest range of pneumatic carriers and carrier inserts from 50mm through to 315mm, including.


  • Leakproof

  • Tube system cleaners

  • Decontaminating devices

  • Video Inspection devices

  • RFID and Bar Coding


We also specialise in the design and manufacture of custom carriers for bespoke requirements and solutions.

Whether it’s molten steel, plasma bags, lab samples or delicate electronics parts, we can create a carrier to meet your unique and specific requirement for pneumatic air tube system transportation.



For every journey

Every pneumatic tube system has stations, to start a carrier on its way or to safely receive it at its chosen destination.


Our range of stations are specifically designed to be fast and easy to use, simple to install, low maintenance and good looking so they complement the location environment.


Stations can be top at the end of the line, in the middle or specialised to handle automatic unloading for busy turnaround destinations such as laboratories or material deliveries where RFID scanning, returns the carrier to the sender.


All stations can be supplied with a range of matching accessories and come in a range of sizes to suit the chosen tube diameter.




For every challenge

Using our experience, expertise and technologies, we are able to design and offer the widest variety of system types, complexities and sizes, to rapidly, reliably and safely move just about anything that will fit in a tube carrier.


  • 2 station point to point systems

  • 3 or more station single zone systems

  • Multiple station, multiple zone systems


They include basic "point to point" single and two-way solutions for through to highly sophisticated microprocessor-controlled state-of-the-art RFID  "zoned" solutions.


Our system can also be integrated with ERP systems such as fulfilment, ordering, stock control and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and robots.




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