Pneumatic Air Tube Systems and Technology

Aerocom offers the widest variety in system sizes and designs, to carry just about anything that will fit in a system. From the most fragile to industrial applications, Aerocom has the technology and system design to meet your needs. We offer all of the individual components necessary for a complete system, including a full line of stations, tubing and material, carriers, diverters, blowers and other accessories.

Whether a basic point-to-point, two-station configuration, or a highly sophisticated microprocessor-controlled state-of-the-art system, Aerocom UK has the technology. Carriers negotiate their way through the network at speeds of approximately 5-8 meters per second, transporting their contents safely to the assigned destination. Aerocom product lines include the following:

AC2U Pneumatic Air Tube System

The choice for connecting two stations, either a one-way or two-way-system. This is the ideal solution for point-to-point applications. This system can be expanded to 3 stations with the addition of a diverter.

AC50 Pneumatic Air Tube System

The choice for connecting up to ten stations. This is a dependable and economical solution for multiple station requirements up to a maximum of ten stations. Each station can send and receive to any station in this system.

AC24M Pneumatic Air Tube System

The choice for connecting a master station with up to sixty-one (61) sub-stations. Transport is allowed only between the master station and each of the sub-stations. Sub-stations cannot send to other sub-stations. This system is ideally suited for cash-handling applications or from multiple transport points to a central location.

AC3000 Pneumatic Air Tube System

The choice for advanced multi-station applications. The AC3000 is a fully automatic, PC controlled system connecting up to 512 stations on multiple zones. This system has many user and tracking features and is ideal for high demand applications for Hospitals, Government Buildings and Manufacturing facilities.

AC6000/Multicash Pneumatic Air Tube System

This system is ideal for retail cash transport from multiple POS registers to a money control room. The system offers a wide range of audit tracking and controls.

Custom Pneumatic Air Tube Systems

Through experience and technology Aerocom offers custom design and manufacturing services to meet your specialised requirements. If it can be done, Aerocom will find a way. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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With support from the Aerocom Group we are certain to be your first point of contact for integrated systems. Our commitment to futuristic innovations keeps Aerocom the market leader worldwide.

Whether your need turns out to be an “out of the box” standard system, or a “one time only” custom solution, your Aerocom representative, along with Aerocom team of pneumatic system engineers, look forward to working with you.