aerocom is a world-leader in pneumatic tube system technology and automated guided vehicles systems (AGVs). We operate globally, having installed 50,000 systems across 65 countries. Our AGVs are capable of transforming warehouse efficiency or can be adapted for specific uses. Our pneumatic tube solutions can be found in a diverse array of industries, from hospitals to supermarkets. Browse our categories below to explore our full range of technical solutions. Or get in touch today to find out how our products can transform your business.

Pneumatic Air Tube Systems and Technology

aerocom UK Ltd offers the widest variety of system types, sizes and designs, to carry just about anything that will fit in a carrier. From the most fragile object to industrial applications, aerocom has the...

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AGV Systems

aerocom (UK) Ltd is your partner for UK-based Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) systems The Automated Guided Vehicle system (AGV) is a very versatile concept that has a multitude of applications for material flow, production processes and internal logistics....

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Waste & Laundry Systems

Aerocom (UK) Ltd in partnership with TransVac Solutions offer cutting edge technology for waste, recycling and laundry collection transport systems for UK hospitals, hotels and a wide variety of other occupied or public building complexes.

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