Pneumatic Tube Systems for Retail

Aerocom (UK) Ltd has several solutions for the secure and efficient transport of cash or small goods, with a retail dedicated product range. Our pneumatic cash tube systems allow retail outlets to mitigate the hazard of robbery by replacing staff walking to the cash office with pneumatic conveyance when tills at the checkouts become full. By utilising air tubes, retailers not only decrease the risk of theft but can also reduce the amount of effort needed for keeping cash registers stocked with change.

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Our AC660 system is designed for retailers that have multiple Checkout locations and need to move cash efficiently and securely.

The air tube system retail are designed to connect a central location (vault or cash office) to multiple Checkouts.

The system design allows only the transfer between the master station and specified substations.

The system provides a detailed audit trail that can be monitored showing every transaction with a date/time stamp.

For the British corner shop or other smaller premises, we have a reliable “Safe-linK” system competitively priced for smaller retail outlets.

The safe is usually placed in a secure area of the building with a concealed 63mm send tube discreetly located close to the till.

When a lone-working assistant needs to get an influx of cash into the security of the safe, they simply send the money directly into the safe without leaving their post.

Larger systems can be used for stock transportation from the storeroom to the counter. In stores with customer services such as jewellers or opticians, items for repair or modification can be sent from the reception desk directly to the workshop which is often located on another floor.

Some stores use pneumatic tube systems as features allowing the customers to interact, our French branch of the company has installed systems in Paris delivering designer handbags. And a national chain of French lingerie stores has an interactive customer ordering system where customers dial up the garment from a computerised catalogue, and a carrier is dispatched from the warehouse through glass tubes to the collecting point.