The Stixx Advanced Pro fire suppression system is an essential to any enclosed area where electrical fires may start. Our automatic fire suppression system will extinguish a fire with potassium based smoke that is non toxic and environmentally friendly.

About the Stixx Pro Fire Suppression

The unique features of the Stixx Pro make it a smarter solution for larger enclosures such as electric cupboards, fuse boxes, server room and switchgears. This is due to the lower activation temperature, and the 100% flooding of the extinguishing agent once activated.

The extinguishing agent will activate when the heat-detecting cable is activated by exposure to a flame or when the unit reaches between 170°C – 180°C. The extinguishing agent will quickly flood the protected space to suppress the fire.

Why Use Stixx Pro As Your Fire Suppression System

Not only does the Stixx Pro have added heat detection cables on both sides of the unit to detect and activate quicker, but the result is a more effective extinguishing agent than conventional powder and the extinguishing effect per unit of weight is in the range 3-10 times more efficient.

The extinguishing agent consists of a non-toxic, environmentally friendly, patented potassium mix that will interrupt the chemicals in the fire and instantly kill it. The green circles on the diagram of the MAUS Stixx Pro highlight the heat-detecting cable ports, while the remaining ports are designed to release the extinguishing agent. The MAUS Stixx Pro is maintenance-free.

Nigel Keery OBE, Head of Estates Operations at Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, said:

“I recently attended IHEEM NI in Belfast and if the conference had an innovation award, then this product (the Fire Stixx Advanced PRO) would probably have won it.

It is a simple, easy to use fire suppression system. It was great to meet the team and chat to you all.” 

Benefits of the Stixx Pro

The Stixx Pro comes features numerous benefits from 5 year product life to a less than 5 second discharge time! The compact and lightweight sticker is an easy 5 second installation which could potentially save lives and millions of pounds in damages.


  • No Cables
  • No Wiring
  • No Pressure
  • No Electricity
  • No Maintenance
  • 100% flooding when activated.
  • Low-temperature activation.
  • 5-second installation.
  • Extremely small.
  • Leaves no extinguishing residues (will not harm anything).

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