Our pneumatic tube systems are used daily throughout the UK to transport:

To name but a few; the application of pneumatic tube systems is only limited to the item fitting into a carrier.

We have installed systems in several obscure fields, even for artificial fertilisation of cattle.

If your industry or application is not listed, aerocom’s team of trained consultants is available to discuss your needs and tailor a system for your application. We look forward to hearing from you!


Aerospace factories across the world are now using aerocom pneumatic tube systems. Delivering limited life cycle application elements, tools, paints and solvents from centralised storage or mixing bays.

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Artistic displays

More and more pneumatic tube systems are being use for artistic display, glass tubing is especially effective and shows carriers or other projectiles being transported by air. Art galleries, retail outlets and department stores use air tube displays, we...

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Government Buildings

Government buildings and courthouses are environments ideally suited for an aerocom pneumatic tube system. Typically, they are multiple floor facilities with a network of corresponding offices and departments. Lifts and increased security make the manual transfer of documents, records,...

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Hospitals, Pharmacies and Clinics

The AC3000 system is a multi-zone, multi-station computer driven system that is the choice for transport of many types of items between departments. With up to 64 independently operating zones and a possibility of over 500 stations, the AC3000...

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Air tube systems can move almost anything from parts to paperwork. If your operation has redundant tasks involving routine foot traffic, we have a system that will save you time and provide quick return on investment. More importantly, it...

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Retail (Cash Transport)

aerocom (UK) Ltd is a leader in the transport of Cash in the retail sector by matching customer need to our diverse product line. Our line of pneumatic cash tube systems allows retail customers to reduce their exposure to...

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Steel Works

In today’s modern steel industry pneumatic tube systems are used to transport hot core samples to the quality control lab, both tube and carriers are available in stainless steel for high temperature areas. A choice of control systems is...

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Toll Booths

Another complimentary software module available with AC3000 is the Toll Plaza enhancement. Specifically designed for busy cash operated toll booths this system is swipe card tagged to each cashier who sends cash via the air tube to a secure...

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Warehousing – Distribution Centres

In the fast-paced world of distribution, time is of the essence and every delivery has documentation. With the use of a pneumatic transport system, transportation terminals can effectively move necessary paperwork throughout the terminal. Whether it is from an...

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