AGV Systems

Aerocom are thrilled to announce their new AGV partnership with Otsaw who are transforming systems around the world with their innovative technology; TransCar. Our aim is to continue to evolve our services and products to enhance and improve your logistical solutions, from healthcare to industrial sectors.

These Automated Guided Robot vehicles have comprehensive obstacle recognition and interface software, safety is paramount and to support this the vehicles have 360° optical sensors to navigate through both human and other automated traffic.

Warning lights, alarms and vocal warnings help keep every journey safe and pedestrians warned of the vehicle’s presence and pathway.

Whether delivering meals or picking up laundry in a hospital to lifting heavy loads in a manufacturing process, the Automated Guided Vehicles operates safely and efficiently.

Applications are endless, if anything needs to be moved regularly, an automated guided vehicle can be designed and programmed to streamline the process.

The technology is very advanced, an AGV can, for example, interface with security doors, operate a service lift, and return to base to charge the batteries delegating its work to another unit.

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Types of AGV Systems:

Stainless Steel AGVS

Hospitals, clinics and food production facilities have specific requirements for hygiene and safety. Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) in stainless steel can be specifically manufactured with sealed covers and lifting devices to meet water protection class IP54. This allows the vehicles to be disinfected with hot steam on all faces including the underside.

Motormouse AGVS

The Motormouse series has a high level of functionality at a cost which is well below traditional vehicle systems. These vehicles can be supplied with a variety of load handling devices and equipped for almost any transport task in industry. The modular construction and robust components make this type of vehicle particularly maintenance and service friendly.

Stackers - Fork - lift - Fork Trucks

Pallets, frame boxes, and many other containers can be picked up and placed in elevated storage locations or at floor level. The tight turning radius allows manoeuvrability in limited space conditions. The lifting forks are positioned directly above the stabilising arms for balancing weight distribution.