AGV Systems

aerocom (UK) Ltd is your partner for UK-based Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) systems

The Automated Guided Vehicle system (AGV) is a very versatile concept that has a multitude of applications for material flow, production processes and internal logistics. From automated fork trucks in warehousing, to care and service robots in hospitals there is an AGV solution to suite an array of industrial requirements.We provide a range of AGV systems across the UK. A wide selection of standard AGV units are available to suit most applications. If the process demands a site-specific alternative we can have equipment specifically designed to meet the challenge.

The vehicles available include platform trucks, high-lift fork trucks, stackers, narrow-aisle stackers, high-rack stackers, tractors, and drive-under tractors. With automated battery charging and extended battery life the units will work around the clock to deliver your materials quietly, efficiently and of course automatically, to the destination.

The range of our models is limitless from aerocom (UK) Ltd. That is because, if we don’t have an off the shelf model which perfectly suits the application, we can adapt an existing AGV model or have a bespoke model designed specifically for the site.

Here’s just a short preview of our AGV model range, all of which are fully automated: 

Phoenix Series

The automated guided Phoenix series also offers a high shift stacker; with the same balancing and manoeuvrability as the fork truck.

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Caesar series

The Caesar series tractor drives under the loading rack, when in position carrier pins extend and pick up the rack to transport it.

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Mayesto series

The Mayesto series high-rack stacker is ideal for loading and unloading pallets, frame boxes and other containers in high storage compartments.

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Motormouse Series

The Motormouse series has a high level of functionality at a cost which is well below traditional vehicle systems.

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Applications for AGV Systems

Versatility and adaptability allows so many applications for the AGV. It is only limited to having a stable ground surface for safe lifting and conveyance operation. Any repetitive task requiring human or mechanical conveyance can be automated using an AGV. The benefits far outweigh the investment which is quickly recovered by reduced labour costs and efficient delivery.

Whether an AGV is used as a dumb waiter, hospital porter, driverless fork truck, driverless stacker, a step between conveyers, automatic materials supply robot or any other application, it can lend itself to many processes in:

……… and many more.

AGV Navigation Technology

We can offer several types of Navigation and Guidance Technology. Our technical advisors will help assess the correct technology for your application. Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) navigation can be:

Example: Free Navigation using Laser Guidance

AGV Safety Features

The AGV offers the highest level of security using laser scanners, bumpers, safety edges and a two channel safety circuit in combination with a safety PLC.

The warning field will activate slowdown and audible and visual alarms if the protective field is breached. The AGV will stop dead in its tracks until the trigger is deactivated. The depth of field is fully adjustable to suit any site environment.

Socrates said “speak, so I may see you” and the AGVs can, they have a voice. In public areas they will speak out warnings in a polite pre-recorded message to ensure the visually impaired are also aware that an AGV is close

Should anyone panic, emergency stop buttons are located on each side of the AGV.

AGV Management and Control Software

Logistic Operating System LogOS has been developed by MLR as a dedicated multifunctional control and management software platform which automatically operates internal transport systems, monitors machines, coordinates material and product flows and manages all common types of AGV infrastructures.

External AGVs, such as fork trucks or cranes, materials handling or high-rack storage systems can also be integrated into the overall scheme. Lifts, elevators, security doors, and other safety devices from other manufacturers can be interfaced to operate with LogOS.

ERP and MRP systems can interconnect with LogOS which has standard interfaces, permitting swift and economic integration into existing IT structures. The software package is in modular construction making it quick and easy to expand and adapt.

LogOS is supported by a continuous development programme which promises the customer a future-proof asset.


The AGV systems provided by aerocom (UK) Ltd are made in Germany. The MLR Group is a leading global supplier of automated guided vehicle systems (AGVS), material flow systems, and internal logistics. MLR have over 40 years experience in the AGV industry and are ISO certified.

aerocom (UK) Ltd technicians and mechanics are in house trained by MLR to assure that every installation is set up and maintained fully compliant with the manufacturers and UK standards.

AGV Service

aerocom (UK) Ltd is renowned for its quality of service with hundreds of major UK conveyance system installations benefitting from PPM and reactive maintenance contracts. Our specialist AGV technicians and mechanics are trained and competent to the highest of international standards set by the manufacturer.

Service includes:

PPM contracts are available in an assortment of packages, tailored specifically to each customer’s needs, to ensure any AGV system supplied by aerocom (UK) Ltd, not only runs smoothly, but remains an asset throughout the system lifecycle.

We, at aerocom (UK) Ltd, believe in long term partnerships and look forward to servicing any new system installed adding new partners for a long and successful product lifecycle relationship.