Welcome to Aerocom (UK) Ltd.’s new website

With a great deal effort from our own management and empowered through the famous local website designers and developers Fifteen we are now online with our “all new website”.

Fifteen design were the first real website design team Aerocom (UK) Ltd employed to create a modern and dynamic website back in 2009. Managing Director, Ollie Piddubriwnyj, designed our first makeover personally and put us on the fist page of every internet search engine with carefully composed content and amazing attention to detail.

Ollie trained our own  webmaster  to use Word Press, the most powerful of web hosting software and popular with search engines such as google.

Aerocom UK quickly shot from 10th page news to internet stardom, with google crawling our content to award first page SEO ranking. The results from our first blogs were astonishing, with Graeme’s imagination and Ollies expert guidance we were getting lots of sales leads. Notably a call from Airbus UK resulting in the largest pneumatic tube network in the UK being installed in their Broughton Wing Factory.


Another early blog on the history of pneumatic tube systems resulted in a phone call from a BBC producer. He was researching for a 1 hour episode of the One Show featuring video cameos of pneumatic tube systems. We installed them in different locations, and the film crew used Tom Hughes and Alex Piziura, who build the systems, as extras.

Aerocom was then invited to send an expert guest for a live interview on the One Show, our managing director John Hughes took up the offer and was on the couch chatting with Alex Jones and Matt Baker for the entire show.



After a short break and less successful experience with another website host we are back to the winning combination of Word Press and Fifteen Design.            We wait with bated breath to see who calls us this time!