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Industrial pneumatic tube and AGV systems are enhancing the operational efficiency for everything from steel mills to aircraft manufacturing. Air tube systems can move almost anything from parts to paperwork, an AGV can bridge gaps in conveyer lines moving bigger objects, keeping the production automated. If your operation has redundant tasks involving routine manual deliveries, we have a system that will save you time and provide a quick return on investment.

Adaptability is the key! A pneumatic tube system can be used in any industry to rapidly carry components ordered on the production line, from the stores to the plant floor. While in production, the system can forward product samples to Quality Assurance labs for testing. Small parts and materials can be moved to and from various assembly areas. And at the end of the production line completed work orders can be on their way using an AGV to the distribution centre. A combined internal logistics’ system can automate the entire process; from order, to despatch.

Aerocom technicians can customise a standard pneumatic tube or AGV system to meet almost any requirement. Size and weight are seldom a problem. Aerocom pneumatic tube systems come in a range of diameters with the most common being 63mm ~ 110mm ~ 160mm with 200mm and even 310mm available if required. Whatever the need, Aerocom (UK) Ltd will have the technology, and can in most applications use off-the-shelf control systems, or for unique operations develop a PLC procedure for bespoke solutions.