Designed to perform

TEMPUS600 is one of our unique lab automation control systems. A dedicated air tube system specifically designed for transporting standard clinical sample vials without the necessity of using any additional packaging into a separate carrier.

It’s a one-touch, first-in, first-out procedure, designed specifically for hospitals.

Once a sample is taken, it is sent immediately and directly to the lab within seconds with just one simple and safe touch, streamlining the sample transportation procedures for medical facilities.

This promotes a significantly improved total turnaround-time (ToTAT) with enhanced staff safety, reliability, efficiency, and ultimately faster and better patient treatment and care.

TEMPUS600 is currently used in hundreds of hospitals worldwide. It can be quickly and easily installed in both new and existing hospitals and can be connected to most lab automation control systems to provide a fast, totally integrated, and effective testing service.

Lab automation control systems

System features

Handling and dispatching multiple samples simultaneously from wards or clinics to the laboratory has never been easier with our lab automation control systems.

With the innovative TEMPUS600 Quantit, up to 25 samples vials can be inserted in one action to be automatically sorted and despatched directly to the laboratory with no further medical staff interaction required.

TEMPUS600 is a closed system, no air is transferred from the ward to the laboratory making the risk of infection or loss of samples practically zero. The system is low maintenance and low risk, quickly returning on the investment in automation through dramatically reducing time otherwise lost using conventional methods of sample transportation.

Single or multiple point systems can be operated by the TEMPUS 600 control system. The control panel has multiple functions as standard including:

Performance Analysis


Dedicated Cleaning Procedures

Remote Access

From simple and efficient point to point systems to batch dispatch and multiple lines integrating with lab automation control systems, TEMPUS600 provides a full range of cost-effective and streamlining solutions for hospitals.


Lab automation control systems

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Case studies: Customer experiences with Tempus600®

Lab automation control systems

The Concept

Want to improve patient treatment while increasing efficiency at your hospital?

Lab automation control systems

The Range

Predictable and faster transportation time for small clinical samples

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