This is where the Aerocom AC3000 integrates as part of the Hospital Infrastructure.

Multi-Stations, Multi-Zones connecting every part of the Hospital Campus
Delivering patient specimens to Laboratories in a timely fashion, safe and secure tracking of every journey by RFID from Start to Finish


Receiving Prescriptions and Delivering Pharmacy Product - The Aerocom AC30000 plays an essential part in achieving Better Patient Outcomes


In Hospitals, Pharmacies, Clinics and Test Laboratories, speed, accuracy and reliability are absolutely critical to patient outcomes.


Focussing skilled human resources on patient care and harnessing technology to improve efficiencies is key.


In Pharmacies, the Dispensing area does not have to be on the ground floor, it can be in the basement or Floors above. Prescriptions are sent to the dispensing desk from a retail point and the Drugs are returned in the same carrier 


An added benefit is that the sales floor area can accommodate more products due to the larger retail space


In short, our innovative range of tube and automated guided vehicle technologies linked with the very latest medical robotic systems deliver outstanding process improvements, savings and patient satisfaction.




In manufacturing the cost of transporting materials over a distance between production areas can be significantly reduced with air tube systems for the smaller materials and components, especially sealant or adhesive products with a short application lifecycle. 

For larger packages and components AGV systems are available to automate the repetitive delivery tasks from palleted materials to transport of heavy and/or large loads up to 63 tonnes.

Successful manufacturing operations require superior organisation and constant communication.


Our solutions can interface with other sophisticated software-controlled operations to bridge the gap, accelerate production or product testing, and reducing travel time while lowering the risk for human error.






Air tube systems are not only limited to cash security for retailers, but bespoke designs are also used in several retail chains across the world delivering items from shoes and handbags to underwear directly to the consumer in quirky glass tubes.


Examples include Pharmacies, Lingerie Outlets, Photo-Processing, Jewellery Stores and Spectacle Retailers.


For example, did you ever imagine that when attending Specsavers or Vision Express that your glasses could be travelling hundreds of metres for a distant workshop to the Retail Counter by Aerocom Pneumatic? It’s True!

To add some high street "sparkle" and attract customers from competitors, specialist Aerocom AC3000 systems have been into the Undiz Store to make shopping fun and again to maximise their retail shopping space by moving their storage and dispatch to another Floor.


Since the 19th-century retailers have used air tube system for secure cash transportation in department stores and in today’s busy retail outlets, it is still as important as ever to remove and safely transport surplus cash from the point of sale to the security of the cash office eliminating the risk of a major loss due to theft.

The Safe-linK "point of sale to safe" system is simply the most secure, efficient and easy way of transporting excess cash and other vulnerable items from the tills and customer service points directly into a locked safe in another part of the building, 

With a choice of cash security air tube systems competitively evaluated for the budget of a corner shop to a superstore,


We not only supply the air tube technology but also a vast range of other security accessories for your retail cash safety.



Safe-linK is designed to assist "customer facing" people such as cashiers and assistants to remove all surplus cash or other vulnerable items using a secure, reliable, one-way air tube system to a certified safe located in a separate, secure part of the premises.

Benefits include enhanced customers service along with staff safety, peace of mind, reduced staff costs and productivity gains.




In the 21st century, air tube systems remain a popular attraction for artistic displays, scientific exhibitions and interactive models. 

Our recent displays have proven to be very popular attractions and include;


Somerset House

The Great Exhibitions of the North


National Sport & Science Centre

Hatton Flower Show

The fascination with air tube systems remains timeless and is especially popular with children.


Using air tube systems as part of any exhibit adds the element of momentum to a static display, a dimension which can be extended across the entire display area drawing the passing observer to the central nucleus of the expo or artwork

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