Our Support Services

Once aerocom (UK) Ltd install a system whether an air tube system, AGV system or laundry system, it’s only the beginning of our partnership.

As the licensed supplier for all of our partner companies products and parts within the UK, we are without doubt the best choice for the service and maintenance of any system we install.

Our head office in Nottingham has an extensive stock of replacement parts, electronic hardware and complete elements, our nationwide network of service team vehicles are also fully stocked with not only consumable parts but also essential replacements should a breakdown occur.

What sets aerocom (UK) Ltd apart from other companies is clear, our professional service and standards benefit the asset investment therefore making the equipment provider the clear choice for product dedicated after care.

We care about the quality of our service and provide:



As a partner, Aerocom UK is "at your service"

In combination with our multiple systems support depts. we divide our service function into two categories;

PPM Service

All mechanical equipment must be serviced on a regular basis. In co-operation with our customers we enter into service contracts that allow our technicians carry to out the necessary maintenance at pre-planned intervals. Pre-planned maintenance reduces the incidents of system failures and enhances the performance of all electro-mechanical systems for the lifecycle duration. We offer a wide range of service packages to suit each customer’s needs, like any machine, the more often it is used, the more regularly it requires a service. Our dedicated technicians will analyse your system usage and advise the service frequency.

Re-Active Maintenance

From time to time an urgent service call is required. This may be caused by a component failure or a user error or other local events. Following contact by the customer to our support office, a service call is logged and the service technician is despatched.


Remote Support

All of our various systems operate on Windows based computers and our dedicated team of technicians offer remote login support to diagnose problems, modify and update the system information, and assist engineering staff with advice on reactive solutions.

At least 50% of reported breakdowns are solved with remote assistance from the dedicated team of expert technicians employed by aerocom. We offer technical support around the clock, every day of the year, so if there is a problem, we are ready to help.

Nationwide Coverage

aerocom (UK) Ltd have support personnel strategically based to cover the national breakdown service. Most locations are within 2 hrs radius of an aerocom engineer.

Head office in Nottingham covers the midlands, reaches north to the M62 and south to greater London and Bristol.

The London and south coast area has a large concentration of serviced systems making our southern based engineers essential for rapid reaction.

The north east is covered by our man in Newcastle, and combined with engineers in Glasgow and Aberdeen this takes good care of Scotland and the borders.

Northern Ireland is covered by our APT office in Balbriggan, also conveniently located for a quick jump across the Irish sea to Wales on the fast boat from Dublin to Holyhead.


Lifecycle with a Partnership

Conveyance systems like everything else have a lifecycle expectation, by placing a PPM contract with aerocom UK your asset benefits are enhanced by our expertise, leading the installation through its lifecycle with innovative future proofing. Hardware and software is upgradable and the infrastructure recycled with a sustainability program which we start automatically when your system reaches its first lifecycle milestone.

Wear and tear is inevitable on any moving part and most can be replaced in a PPM scheme, but eventually over the 10 of years, the standard system lifecycle, dependability may be compromised.

Some systems fair better than others dependant upon usage, many of our original systems dating from pre-millennium are still operational and serviceable, other high usage systems have been replaced and are approaching a second replacement recommendation from the same era.

Our comprehensive O&M documentation gives the manufacturers lifecycle expectation of the combined system elements, upon expiry, as part of our service, each element will be inspected and either overhauled or a more up to date replacement advised. It is often more costly to maintain an older, lifecycle exhausted, element than to replace it with a new model. This also gives the opportunity to upgrade to the latest evolved technology.

We look at lifecycle replacement as an opportunity to modernise, not as a target or deadline. 99% of our existing clients who have enquired about lifecycle modernisation later chose to remain with aerocom (UK) Ltd, even after acquiring other advice via tender. This, in itself, is a testament to the advantages of our futuristic product range, quality of installation and of course our reputation for reliable after sale services.

Lifecycle Renovation and Support of Existing Services by Other Providers

It is often the case aerocom (UK) Ltd are contacted by companies or facility management to assess the feasibly of servicing unsupported systems, or alternatively replacing an existing conveyance system with a similar model from our suppliers.

The most common reasons we are contacted are:

We offer solutions to any potential customer who has concerns about an existing conveyance system. Our experienced technicians will be familiar with many different models and manufacturers and will willingly survey an installation free of charge to offer an alternative solution from our extensive product range. Whether a major renovation or a simple repair, we are here to help.

Our experience in replacing conveyance systems is long established so we can help to provide the best solutions with minimum downtime. With tube based systems in particular we can often recycle the system infrastructure and only need to replace the electro-mechanical components and operating system.

We operate with the minimum of fuss and the maximum effort to achieve customer satisfaction, if you would like us to survey an existing conveyance system to advise on replacement, please do not hesitate to contact our technical advice team.