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We offer cutting edge technology for waste, recycling and laundry collection transport systems for UK hospitals, hotels and a wide variety of other occupied or public building complexes.

A Cost-Saving and Proven Alternative

Gravity tubes, refuse trollies and skips are unsightly, an unnecessary expense, and can be infection hotspots. TransVac minimises exposure to waste, recyclables and soiled laundry, optimising material flow and saving money daily in operational costs of the facility. The computer-controlled, sealed dedicated pipe network TransVac system transports dirty material from loading stations, located throughout the building, safely and efficiently at high speed across long distances to a centralised collection point.

How does the TransVac system work?

  1. Laundry, waste and recyclables are loaded for transport on any floor
  2. Dirty materials are then transported in a dedicated sealed path
  3. The materials can be transported vertically or horizontally to a distance up to 2000m
  4. The materials are sorted and deposited for block transportation at the collection area

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Loading Stations

Loading stations are located on every floor, one for laundry the other for waste.

They don’t necessarily need to be together as they are separate pipe networks.

All material must be securely bagged before transportation.

Laundry inserted into the laundry station goes directly to the laundry skip.

When inserting waste the user must choose between general waste or recyclable waste.

Both stations will operate automatically once the bag is inserted and the door closed.

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Once inside the station the bag is logged for transportation.

Should another transport be in progress the logged send will be suspended in an orderly waiting list.

When the send slot is available the pneumatically operated inner door will trigger the lock on the outer door to prevent any human entry during despatch.

Once the failsafe is active, the pneumatic door will open and the bag be sucked into the tube network with vacuum.

Once the pneumatic door closes the outer door lock is released and the station is ready to accept the next send.

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Collection Area

Trash/Recycling Collection

Integrated TransVac cyclone collectors with a compactor and container are located at the loading bay. Waste and recyclables are sent directly from the stations into the relevant chosen containers.

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Soiled Linen Collection

Soiled laundry is transported into the TransVac box collector located at the sorting area. Laundry drops into carts, limiting personal contact with possibly infected linen.

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Benefits of TransVac

  • Reduced labour and other operational costs
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Reduced manual handling
  • Improved space utilisation
  • Aesthetic improvement

TransVac reduces airborne particles which traditional methods can pose, safety, cleanliness & infection control risks are significantly improved.

TransVac provides a sealed, dedicated path for dirty materials with limited exposure to staff, patients and visitors contrasting to:

Gravity Chutes

  • Over 1,000 times greater airborne particulate levels in soiled holding rooms and chute rooms compared to other hospital areas
  • Infection control risk to patients & staff
  • Injury risk to staff
  • Difficult to clean and maintain regulatory compliance (Joint Commission, OSHA, NFPA, etc.)

Trolleys and Lifts

  • Cross contamination risks (mixing dietary, patients/staff with infected soiled linen)
  • Additional cleaning requirements
  • Limited capacity requires longer wait times


Transporting Waste & Soiled Laundry on Shared Service Lifts is Dangerous, Expensive and Inefficient

  • Limited capacity creates longer waiting times for doctors, nurses, patients and dietary services.
  • Clean supplies, patients, dietary, etc. mix with infected soiled linen and waste.
  • Shared service elevators need to be cleaned throughout the day.

Comparison of Collection/Transport Methods

Return on Investment

Significant savings are a huge benefit with an automated solution, once the pivot point of payback is reached, running costs are minimal.

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