Improve systems and enable better diagnostics through safe and secure Pneumatic Transport Systems.

Is it possible to create a system that is designed to improve the quality of blood transportation, which in turn will have a positive impact on patient wait times, the reduction of rejected specimens, lab reputation and hospital reputation?

The answer is yes.

We’ve partnered with Motryx and their latest product, VitalQC which has been designed to quality control and validate pneumatic tube installations to ensure the transportation of blood samples is achieved with minimal impact on integrity and diagnostics.

Introducing Motryx

Motryx are a Canadian based company who have a vision and a mission to deliver quality control and assurance in blood-specimen transport.

They are recognised and trusted by global brands within the healthcare industry, and since being founded in 2019 they have already made waves by empowering labs to improve patient care, quality and efficiencies.

We’re extremely proud to be part of a new UK partnership to ensure hospitals and labs across the country receive pneumatic tube and transport systems designed to improve, what can only be considered as a necessity within medical care.

In order for health professionals and patients to receive a reliable diagnostic, many variables play a part in ensuring blood transportation is achieved efficiently and securely.

The incredibly delicate task of transporting blood from one facility to another requires a range of factors to work together. This involves temperature control, contamination prevention, keeping the container intact, and trying to avoid possible logistical complications with can cause delays or even loss of the product itself.

One variable in particular which can cause issues with accurate data results is vibration. Hospitals around the world have pneumatic tube systems installed which must be confirmed as safe for the transport of blood samples. Past scientific studies have shown that the vibration some pneumatic transport systems can cause, ultimately impact the overall quality of the blood sample.

What is VitalQC Lab Validation?

VitalQC is a framework that analyses both existing PTS installations and new PTS installations, to ensure transportation of blood samples will be robust and reliable.

Your hospital or lab now has the ability to monitor how blood samples are transported through innovative technologies that mimic a blood vial. Reducing not only the risk of damage and unfaithful data but huge costs in which the healthcare industry is impacted by year after year.

As over 75% of errors are caused during the pre-analytical stage, around 1.2million USD are lost on average per year, due to unexpected and sometimes uncontrollable factors towards blood samples.