The AC4000 is destined to be the benchmark for 21st century hospital.

The market demand for smarter and more user friendly computerised pneumatic tube systems has long been met by AC3000, but the AC4000 is so futuristic and innovative this system first released in 2016 is destined to be the benchmark for 21st century hospital.

Completely dedicated to the demands of medical users AC4000 does everything its predecessor did and adds a whole new selection of user control and statistical analysis. Because of the client/server technology, the system can be controlled and visualized from any workstation. With touch screen keypads and gateway connected to the control server by means of Ethernet interface.

Diverters and stations are connected by means of industrial RS485 bus to the gateway. The AC4000 has a highly stable serial data supply for the individual components. In the case of larger systems, several gateways can be connected by means of a switch, which increases data throughput.

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  • Unlimited scale of the system
    (Unlimited users, lines, stations and diverters)
  • Intuitive touch screen display for quick and easy user operation
    (With favourites, phonebook, and additional function as priorities)
  • Cross-platform client/server application for user-friendly remote maintenance
    (Linux-based or Windows 10)
  • SQL-based database for better logging and backup of system settings
    (Traceability of all events and better backup options)
  • Assured carrier transportation and advanced transponder function
  • Extensive priority control and statistical analysis
  • Robust RS485 databus communication

Destined to become the most popular air tube system on the planet

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