The AC3000 system is a multi-zone, multi-station computer driven system that is the choice for transport of many types of items between departments.

With up to 64 independently operating zones and a possibility of over 500 stations, the AC3000 provides features such as full traceability, sending and receiving priority, station forwarding, station sign-off, and secure transaction.

Solid and liquid samples, sensitive electronic equipment, pharmaceuticals, IV solutions, and whole blood or plasma can be transported gently throughout the network of the system with our variable speed option and soft delivery. AC3000 is the world’s favourite hospital pneumatic tube system.

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  • Graphic monitoring and statistical analysis of all transport operations
  • Proven, reliable pneumatic tube system control, which has been continuously developed for over 20 years and is widely used globally
  • Highly popular in hospital applications, the RFID tracking system ensures that the carrier dispatched with sensitive samples is the same carrier which arrives at the laboratory
  • Versatility to relay signals and to integrate with other operating systems and enhancements. The system is also widely applied to accommodate the demands of larger industrial, commercial or manufacturing clients
  • Windows-based operating system for a maximum of 254 stations and 128 lines for various pneumatic tube applications and requirements
  • Transponder function for automatic carrier transport, carrier counter and statistical analysis
  • Multiple carrier transportation for long distances or dedicated empty carrier return fasttrack
  • Optional touch screens with shortcut keys
  • Comprehensive additional functions such as substitution mode, priority control, slow speed for sensitive goods, e-mail signalling, fire alarm circuit, secured transport

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