All station models are available with a wide range of accessories; we stock off the shelf cabinets and tube shrouding for security and a neat and tidy finish.

Bespoke cabinets can be designed for special applications. Door security can be key locks, digi-locks or swipe card access.

Receiving Baskets

Available in wireframe or metal frame options. Impact protection is included.

Featured Image for Receiving Baskets

Secure Cabinets

We stock a wide variety of standard and custom design cabinets in a choice of materials.

Any specialised cabinetry can be developed by our design team, from metal, mdf or wirework.

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Carrier Storage

In built storage compartments or racks help keep the stations free from a build up of carriers in the cabinet or receiving basket, reducing the risk of the build-up blocking the eject port.

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Arrival Indicators

Arrival alarms are available in a choice of models, they can be audible, visual or a combination of both.

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Touch Screen Display

AC3000 stations can be supplied with optional touch screen displays with screen locks and animated graphics.

AC4000 has touch screen displays as standard allowing visual access to the control system from any station location.

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