Aerocom R&D has developed several specialist stations to meet specific client requirements, which can be integrated into existing systems to enhance performance.

Every business is different – whether that the way a company is organised, or how different departments are spread across a site. That means every business may have specific requirements for its air tube systems. Over the years we’ve innovated and developed several specialist stations, in order to meet our clients’ requirements. These specialist stations can now be integrated into existing tube systems to enhance their performance. View our range of specialised stations below.

Auto Unloading

The auto unloading station is an innovation for busy turnaround destinations such as laboratories or material deliveries. The station receives the carriers, discharges the package inside and then, using RFID scanning, returns the carrier to the owner station. The auto unloading station is currently available in Ø160, other diameters are under development and will be available soon.

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The CRU is an additional add on station which effectively distributes empty carriers from popular destinations such as laboratories. The space requirement in the lab is minimised to just a loading tube which accepts carriers on demand, the empty carriers are then transported to a central location, stacked up and distributed using RFID and scanner antennae. Very effective for stopping the build-up of empty carriers in a busy lab. Available in Ø160 & Ø110.

The CRU can be easily added to an existing system and is very effective for increasing the traffic flow from major turnaround destinations. The CRU can also be used in combination with other innovations to add huge traffic flow potential to limited numbers of tube routes.

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Bench Stations

Bench stations are specifically designed for busy turnaround locations where incoming carriers will quickly stack up in a conventional station. The incoming carriers are stored on arrival using a rail system, several rails can be run parallel. Incorporated with a CRU a bench station can be very efficient, coping with huge traffic flows both from incoming and returning carriers. We recommend one EWS type station with every bench setup to allow an occasional loaded return. Available in Ø160 & Ø110

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