Automated high-lift guided fork trucks

Pallets, frame boxes, and many other containers can be picked up and placed in elevated storage locations or at floor level. The tight turning radius allows manoeuvrability in limited space conditions. The lifting forks are positioned directly above the stabilising arms for balancing weight distribution.

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High Shift Stacker

The automated guided Phoenix series also offers a high shift stacker; with the same balancing and manoeuvrability as the fork truck.

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Spreader stackers

The Phoenix series spreader stacker is well suited for heavy loads. With the side arms surrounding the load for the lifting and lowering process the load centre of gravity is always within the wheelbase, increasing stability. The fork can be extended over a short distance making the spreader stacker ideal for use in narrow areas and corridors.

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Phoenix Vehicles in the Paper Industry

Paper rolls often weigh several tonnes. Heavy and sensitive materials for transport require exact and careful handling when being lifted, transported and placed in position. The forks on the Phoenix series vehicles can automatically adjust, allowing the vehicles to accept rolls of various diameters. To this end, the roll diameter is measured by a specialized sensor. The lift equipment on Phoenix vehicles accommodates paper rolls to be picked up from floor level.

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Example for Healthcare

The Phoenix series AGV includes a compact fork lift model which can automatically adjust to virtually any type of pick up load.

All AGV types are available in stainless steel and IP rated for steam cleaning, adapting any model to a hospital dedicated model is the simple solution.

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