Drive-under tractors

The Caesar series tractor drives under the loading rack, when in position carrier pins extend and pick up the rack to transport it. Drive-under tractors are ideal at transporting containers that have access beneath them and are supported on rollers.

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Platform trucks with belt conveyor

The Caesar series platform truck comes with two belt conveyors; each conveyer can load two containers. The base transfer height to the materials handling systems is 700 mm.

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Platform trucks with roller conveyor

The Caesar series platform truck can also have two roller conveyors mounted across, accept two pallets at once and load to another conveyor after transport. The compact design makes the Caesar series just a little taller than its attached roller conveyors, with a transfer height of 500 mm.

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Heavy-duty transporters

The Caesar heavy-duty vehicle transports heavy and/or large loads up to 63 tonnes. The vehicle weighs 12 tonnes, is seven meters in length and has a combined prism-shaped recess so that coils up to two-meter diameter can also be loaded. This AGV is loaded by a portal crane or stacker.

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Vehicles for Paper Rolls

The CAESAR model AGV is equipped with automatically adjustable prismatic forks in the horizontal position. This allows rolls of various diameters to be picked up. Using a sensor, the roll diameter is measured and the forks adjust automatically.

Optionally two roller conveyors can be installed, in parallel, above the prismatic forks enabling the vehicle to transport pallets.

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Vehicles for outdoor use

When automated guided vehicle systems (AGVS) are used for outdoor areas, they can be designed to endure all types of weather. The Caesar P-14 Mr can navigate freely and developed as a specialised outdoor vehicle to operate at winter temperatures down to -20 °C.

To shield any sensitive material being transported, the vehicle has an automatic sliding cover and is completely designed to meet protection class IP54. The two-section cover is opened and closed by hydraulic motors. The weather protection will function reliably in winter conditions of rain, snow and ice.

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