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Aerocom (UK) Ltd was established by John & Enda Hughes in February 2000 following the successful acquisition of the UK Aerocom business from Dr. Wolfram Pfitzer of Aerocom GmbH & Co. Although John & Enda are now planning retirement over the next four to five years, they are mindful of continuing the company and our service into the future and are beginning that process now.

As part of the company VIAMBO (Vender Initiated Assisted Management Buyout) John & Enda have established a new company, Aerocom (Holdings) Limited and have invited their nephew Thomas Hughes and daughter Jennifer Hughes to join the board of directors to oversee the transition and continue the development of Aerocom (UK) Ltd.

Company Progression:

Aerocom (Holdings) Ltd (AHL) has acquired the total assets of Aerocom (UK) Ltd, and AUK is now a full subsidiary of AHL.

  • Founders John & Enda Hughes will remain as directors of the new company;

  • John J Hughes MBA – Chairman & Managing Director

  • Enda M Hughes – Director

  • Thomas D Hughes – Director, C.O.O & General Manager

  • Jennifer M Hughes – Director, Company Secretary & C.F.O

Thomas D Hughes will assume the role of Managing Director in 2023

In true Hughes family fashion, Thomas’s wife April is also a fully qualified senior manager in Aerocom (UK) Ltd.

About our new Directors:

Thomas first came to the UK in 2007 from APT as a qualified electrician when the project management team was being reconstructed to suit the high demand for Aerocom pneumatic tube systems, his skill and dedication was quickly developed with intensive training to progress to project management guided by experienced senior staff. Thomas has been General Manager of Aerocom (UK) Ltd since 2018, and has doubled the turnover in a few short years and is highly respected by both the aerocom team and clients. Thomas moved to the UK 12 years ago with the support of his wife and family and lives close to our head office. Supported by a hand-picked team Thomas has proven to be the driving force in the expansion of the company with an impressive line-up of dedicated and professional experts from the pneumatic tube industry, foremost in the design and development of what is now the UK’s leading pneumatic tube system supplier.

Jennifer has worked in the family business from the very beginning as it grew out of the family home and into the current APT premises in Balbriggan, Co. Dublin, Ireland. Now, with 18-years of working alongside the founders, Jennifer has also carved a niche as General Manager of Advanced Pneumatic Technology Ltd and continues to grow the business with her brothers Brendan & John Junior, supported by uncle Patrick who manages installation. For the past ten years, Jennifer has been a major contributor to the management of the UK business. Her financial prowess has assisted the company increase its profitability and maintaining its financial position as a fully funded company.

Aerocom (UK) Ltd and APT Ltd always have, and will continue to work as a team supporting both Hughes family companies in the UK and Ireland sharing our excellent human resources.

A hard act to follow

John & Enda have made a huge impression in the UK pneumatic tube system marketplace through shrewd management and careful recruitment of Aerocom (UK) Ltd staff. From the takeover in 2000 to the present, the business has increased tenfold from a few installations mainly centred in London to a major national presence throughout the UK particularly dominant in the NHS hospital sector.

Johns’ achievements include:

  • Rapid growth and development of the aerocom brand in the UK & Ireland

  • Recruitment of the UK & Irelands leading design team

  • Evolution of older existing systems to the latest modern designs and innovations

  • The introduction of 24/7 PPM client support

  • Developing the Safelink cash to safe system which dominates the air tube security market

  • Developing an international framework agreement with Airbus

  • Investment in BIM design for modern construction site demands

  • Promoted pneumatic tube technology on national television

  • Developing new product ranges such as AGV and robotics

  • Awarded NHS framework supplier status for pneumatic tube systems

…...to name but a few, John’s passion for pneumatic tube system development has introduced the UK & Ireland to new levels of advanced pneumatic technology, and is, without doubt, the key contributing factor to the success of his companies. He will be truly missed when finally retired, but no doubt will still make the occasional guest appearance in the boardroom and at company functions.


John would like to express his gratitude to Dr. Wolfram Pfitzer and his successors, sons Ruediger & Roland, for the faith they have placed in his family to manage and grow the Aerocom franchise in the UK & Ireland.

“We state without reservation that the support shown to us by this world-famous German Family Business was the catalyst that allowed us to develop our “Solution Driven” business.” John Hughes

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