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Aerocom UK Pneumatic Tube Systems – In Industry

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Pneumatic Air Tube Systems can play an important role in both industry and manufacturing.

Modern factories and production facilities cover large areas and distances which can prove to be a costly overhead if small parts or consumable materials have to be picked up on foot from a store or dispensing bay. Repetitive errands on foot over distance for small items can be easily eliminated using an aerocom pneumatic tube system.

Aerocom UK Limited -  Pneumatic Tube System advantages in Industry

For example:

  • Air tube conveyance can bridge gaps in vehicle production lines where small components such as keys are separated from a dashboard assembly, then sent 50 processes down the line to the testing bay.

  • In aerospace production lines short usage-life two pack solvents or sealants can be mixed in a centralised supply facility then pneumatically transported hundreds of meters on demand.

  • For steel manufacturing and foundries core samples can be transported from the smelting area right to the lab for pre-pouring analysis.

  • Tools, fittings or fixings can be requested and returned in any factory using an air tube carrier leaving the workforce to continue with other tasks.

  • Chemical or compound samples can be transported directly from local sample points to the quality control laboratories.

  • Documents, process test certificates, drawings, receipts, delivery notes or any other type of paperwork can be transported from the factory floor to the centralised office.

What’s more the tube network will pass through locked doors and hazardous areas mitigating risks to workforce from walking through production plants, and will not stop for a chat on the way or use the journey as an excuse to break up the shift, it does not take holidays and can work 24/7 every day of the year.

  • Automated ordering systems are also available to speed up processes with requests sent from handheld devices to the stores or solvent mixing units who confirm the request has been despatched and where it will be arriving locally.

  • Elimination of wasted time can save millions of pounds every year lost due to people walking around vast factories simply by using air tube conveyance.

  • The investment cost of an air tube systems is recovered in a matter of weeks in most instances.

For a valuable case study on the savings of installing a pneumatic air tube system, please click on the icon below to watch the video link :

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