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Air Tube Games at Dublin's Explorium

Updated: Apr 16, 2019


Every now and again we are asked for a short term air tube exhibit and have made quite a few over the years, but when the national Explorium in Dublin came to us wanting a long term attraction and something interactive for their science exhibit section, we did better than that, we installed two !!!

Introducing "Scarf Scramble" and the "Diverter Dilemma"...

Scarf Scramble - The first game is in the juniors section and allows handkerchiefs or scarves to be popped in an air tube system circuit and zoomed around. Diversions can be made at the valves to make them fly out at different points and caught in mid air.

THE DIVERTER DILEMMA - The other Aerocom exhibit is upstairs in the science section and is more orientated towards the teenagers and adults. The "Diverter Dilemma" allows a "carrier" (a snug fitting canister) to be sent around a twisting 3D sky circuit BUT each route has three options at the diverter boxes on the floor which need to be set manually. If you don't get it right you fail to reach the end !!!

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