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Air Tube Systems for Opticians – A Clear Advantage Video

Pneumatic Air Tube Systems are not limited to cash security for retailers.

Did you ever imagine that when choosing new frames and lenses at Specsavers, Vision Express or Cecil Amey Opticians that your new glasses could be travelling hundreds of metres from a distant optical laboratory to the counter by Aerocom Safe-linK Pneumatic Tube Systems? It’s True!

The idea in most retail stores is simple; to offer outstanding customer service and gain a competitive advantage by eliminating any repetitive, time consuming task which involve walking small items, packages or documents to or from the counter location.

The Clear Advantage

In opticians, glasses, prescriptions and fitting measurements are easily and safely transported, in a secure Air Tube “Pod”, from the frame display area to the lab (often located on another floor) to have lenses fitted and returned to the customer.

Simple, safe and dependable, Safe-linK systems are competitively priced to suit the budget of the high street optician and exclusively available in the UK from Aerocom (UK) Limited.

No matter what the repetitive activity is, or the application, Aerocom have an automation solution to save you time and money.

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