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Aerocom UK enter a new partnership with SARSTEDT

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Aerocom (UK) Ltd are delighted to announce our new partnership with SARSTEDT, a German-based world-leading supplier of consumables and instruments for medicine and science.

This partnership allows Aerocom UK to add the innovative SARSTEDT Tempus600® blood sample transportation system to our extensive range

of cost-effective pneumatic tube solutions.

SARSTEDT Tempus600® provides its medical transport solution to healthcare providers globally. The Tempus600® system enables the one-touch sample transport from the point of collection to the laboratory. SARSTEDT in Denmark develops, produces and delivers its, now modular and integrated, Tempus600® product line-up to customers in over 20 countries.

For UK consumers Aerocom UK are the approved partner for the Tempus600® system providing sales, installation and PPM services.

The system is dedicated to small clinical samples, which can be sent immediately,

as they are taken, directly and without staging points. This offers fantastic reliability.

Tempus600® can be installed in both new and existing hospitals and can be connected to laboratory automation systems. The Tempus600® utilises small-bore flexible tubes;

this allows wide range of options for routing through hospital ceiling voids.

Extensive information on the Tempus600® is available from the Tempus600® website.

For UK consumers our Aerocom sales team are ready and available to provide further information, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can arrange a site visit to discuss our full selection of medicare pneumatic tube sample transportation systems.

Tel: 0115 9463515

Email: info@aerocom.co.uk

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