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Aerocom Remain in the Front Line

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Aerocom (UK) Ltd Management would once again, like to take this opportunity to thank all our frontline services teams, technical support and office staff who are supporting the NHS to keep their sample delivery pneumatic tube systems running throughout this difficult and dangerous period.

We are very proud to have our own stars, who by their own selfless decision, remain ready and available for front line site service and reactive maintenance visits offering 24/7 support for well over 100 Hospitals within the UK.

The current demand from NHS hospitals nationwide to keep essential services such as pneumatic tube systems up and running is huge. And we fully support our hospital systems allowing patient samples and pharmaceuticals to pass safely and efficiently through infection control and quarantine zones. This service helps staff to keep their distance and dramatically reduces hospital pedestrian traffic to and from laboratories and pharmacies.

Our front line workforce have volunteered to continue working and are fully aware of the risks to themselves and families by providing either maintenance or reactive visits to support NHS hospital sites.

PPE is provided either locally by the NHS or by Aerocom from our own stock.

And it's not just our usual clients who are requesting our services, but we have been also contacted by several UK hospitals using other suppliers tube systems.

One hospital has urgently requested our help as their usual provider is not available.

We were there on Monday morning and we expect to have the system operational by mid-week. This will ease the pressure on the portering service and medical staff.

Anticipating the international lockdown we had stocked up well in advance on equipment. And with our admin staff in home isolation, have used the offices for additional storage space.

Office staff's homes have now been transformed into temporary offices, linked through online services to our company server, so ensuring the wheels of Aerocom remain firmly in motion.

Keeping hospitals supported requires organisation and administration, our service helpline remains open 24/7 offering online remote support and reactive maintenance management.

Our dedicated office staff continue supporting our technicians, finding them accommodation, providing expenses and salaries, not forgetting the importance of keeping the lines of supply stocked with materials, spare parts and PPE.

This background support also plays a major role in keeping our healthcare dedicated pneumatic tube systems fully maintained to sustain controlled and efficient medical sample transportation on NHS hospital sites throughout the country.

All in all, it's a fantastic achievement, with the Aerocom team separated for safety, but united and working together through this crisis, providing our essential services at full efficiency.

Even the children of Aerocom workers are contributing towards supporting the NHS, here's a little song by Eibhlin Hughes which she wrote all by herself while her parents Tom and April were busy working from home. Eibhlin has the entire house decked with her rainbow posters.

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