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24/7 Aerocom Support for the NHS

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

In reaction to the government advice concerning the current COVID-19 crisis Aerocom (UK) Ltd have formulated a Company Coronavirus Plan. As an employer we are duty bound to protect our workforce from known hazards by mitigation of risks to safe levels or acceptable safe systems of works. It's not only a duty of care, we really do care about our employees.

All accounts, telephone reception and non essential office management staff will be asked to work from home as of today, every one of our staff is of course essential to running the company, but not in the closed environment of our offices so a contingency plan has been developed to allow call diverts to our isolated staff and remote access to the company server until further notice. We have also considered any other high-risk workers who suffer from any health conditions which could prove complex if provoked by the virus who will also work from home in voluntary isolation.

What adds to our concern is the vast majority of our service and maintenance work is on NHS hospital sites where the exposure to the virus could be significantly increased due to the clinical environment, concentrations of staff, and patients who may have contracted the virus.

A secondary worry is we could inadvertently contribute to spreading the virus moving from location to location. We have assessed the hazards, and have through careful mitigation, reduced the levels to low risk through additional precautions and safe working practices.

Our pneumatic tube systems in hospitals will in most cases be used for sample transportation so will consequently be a necessary front line service to maintain during the current crisis. This is an area where we expect an increase in system support activity. Our supported Hospitals will become very busy over the coming months and the NHS could very well be stretched to the limits and under strain.

This will also put more pressure on the facilities management and porters who support the infrastructure of these hospitals as the workload increases, and many essential staff may well become sick and unable to work. We can make a big difference by keeping sample systems running efficiently for as long as we are not putting ourselves or others at high risk.

Keeping our pneumatic tube systems up and running smoothly will be a huge assistance to the NHS for delivering samples and medication without crossing infection control zones.

When we asked our service technicians if anyone would wish to self-isolate after explaining the potential hazards and risk mitigation we will be following, not one single man on the site service team has taken the isolation option.

We are so proud of our A-Team, they never let us or our clients down.

These valiant men are willing to remain working in the frontline to help keep our clients sample transport systems in UK hospitals up and running for the benefit of their family, friends, the NHS and all those who require the NHS hospital services.

So, its business as usual for our reactive maintenance service which is available 24/7 every single day of the year to support our NHS partners throughout the current crisis.

Call 0115 - 946 3515 at any time and we will be there to help

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