20 Years for the A-Team

Craig Elliot is celebrating 20 years of working with Aerocom (UK) Ltd after joining the company in March 2004 on the installation team. Craig’s first ever job was at Croydon University Hospital (called Mayday Hospital at the time) and was taught to install pneumatic tube systems by the legendary Ian Bright.

The featured photo is Craig recently working at a foundry in Melton Mowbray, like most smelting plants its a dusty operation hence the sooty face. But Craig has been dirtier, a memorable occasion at Poole Hospital in Dorset was when he spilled a full 5ltr can of anti static paint over his head painting the transfer tubes in a plant room. Craig walked out the plant room jet black from head to toe, dripping in paint leaving black footprints on the vinyl floor, luckily he was not injured but the rest of the team almost died laughing; and once Craig was attended to, spent a day cleaning up the mess.

In 2010 Craig was promoted to Supervisor at Southmead Hospital Project under the management and training of our project management team, since then has continued to supervise his own jobs. His latest achievement for the A-Team has just been commissioned at the new Midland Metropolitan Hospital where Craig and his dedicated workforce completed the installation from start to finish.

Craig, like all members of the A-Team are skilled installation specialists, it’s a far cry from the the early days when tube was only retrofitted, the tube and equipment at MMH has been installed to co-ordinated drawings to exact measurements. The plant room was a major challenge as the height was very restrictive for a 160mm diameter, 6 zone transfer interchange, our design team are not easily beaten and came up with an out of the box solution which Craig has installed perfectly.

Craig Elliot is a perfect example of how Aerocom, through investing in the right people and implementing our policy on personal development, promote and develop our workforce skills. From passing the tools to Brightey 20 years ago Craig has became indispensable as our leading supervisor, with a portfolio of successful projects, large and small, on his CV. He’s quite the expert on pneumatic tube system installation, and very popular with our clients.

It was Craig who first called our construction site workforce at Aerocom “The A-Team” and has always been a team player, as he often states “there’s no I in  team”