Introducing Graniten

In today’s healthcare pneumatic tube system marketplace, the demand for lab automation and robotics is increasing, our latest supply chain partnership with Graniten takes us to the limits of robotic lab integration

The Graniten PTL is fully automated sample handling machine to bridge the gap in the laboratory from incoming samples to loading into the pre-analytical automation solutions

Graniten and Aerocom have a long history of working together in Scandinavia fully automating pneumatic tube systems to integrate with sample handling and pharmaceutical robotics.

The PTP machine increases efficiency and speed of hospital pharmacies by eliminating manual processes and reducing the risk of errors, thus allowing staff to do relevant work and have the machine do the menial tasks

Aerocom (UK) Ltd is delighted to announce our supply partnership with Graniten;

“we look forward to a collaborative future integrating our highly advanced pneumatic tube systems with the state-of-the-art sorting automation developed by our new supply partner”

This is a major step towards delivering integrated lab and pharmacy automation innovations in the UK