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Horse to Hyperloop

13th June 2018

Horse to Hyperloop “the evolution of design” #getnorth2018

Pneumatic air tube systems have been used for decades by industries to deliver essential physical items – from banks to hospitals. But did you know that these incredible systems that are part of a buildings infrastructure are also often in the news being used for major new art and innovation exhibits? ‪

That’s what the UK’s leading air tube specialists, Aerocom, recently created when they were invited by international design practice Ryder Architecture to help form part of the “Horse to Hyperloop: The Evolution of Design” interactive exhibition, which coincides with the recent major announcements of the development in the UK of Hyperloop One.

Coopers Studios in Newcastle where the exhibit is housed can be found in an 1897 building which is a rare surviving example of a purpose-built, multi-storey horse and carriage repository. Hence the name “Horse to Hyperloop”

Celebrating the great innovators, artists, designers and businesses in the North of England, the Great Exhibition is being hosted in Newcastle and Gateshead. The Horse to Hyperloop theme is “evolution of design”, which was created by Ryder Architecture to explore the high-speed transport of tomorrow inside a building with a fascinating link to the travel of the past, there is also the opportunity to have a go at designing an imaginary bridge over the Tyne or a carriage for Northern Arc. A shortlisted section of Hyperloop One, the Northern Arc, aspires to run between Liverpool and Glasgow, connecting these major cities via Newcastle, in less than an hour.

Aerocom’s pneumatic tube technology helped to create the interactive tube system innovation adding the enhancement of movement to the Horse to Hyperloop exhibition, and the company’s engineers turned out to be artists extraordinaire. Ryder Architecture invited the Nottingham-based company to help transform the Coopers Studio site into an exciting and engaging exhibition for visitors this summer.

Pneumatic tube systems use low air pressure to help transport medium to small items long distances. This has been essential, for example, in the NHS to help transport samples around a location, and Aerocom has developed numerous partnerships with health facilities across the country in this way.

But far from being a redundant technology in the digital age, Aerocom has found that pneumatic tube systems are being used in increasingly creative ways, as they represent a great way to illustrate a concept in a way that no other medium can provide.


We have followed the development of Hyperloop with admiration. “Pneumatic tube systems are ageless and timeless, considering the history of the first pneumatic railway was used by the post office to convey letters under the Thames in London in 1864. Today’s modern hospitals are dependant on pneumatic tube systems for prompt sample transportation from the patient to the laboratories in minutes, hyperloop could be for example, the means of transporting urgently required transplant organs across the country in minutes”

Tom Hughes Aerocom (UK) Ltd Assistant General Manager.

“We don’t need any encouragement to help produce artistic exhibits, Ryder Architecture set the scene with the brilliant concept design and our role was to embrace the concept and add an interesting and engaging, interactive tube system enhancement. It has certainly added movement, another dimension to the theme with a few exciting spins. Mark Clasper and the Ryder Architecture design team are a real pleasure to work with, and being from Newcastle myself, our suggestions on adding some artistic twirls to the finished design is very appropriate of displaying innovations from the people of the north east”.  It’s so pleasant to actually see an air tube system on display rather than being hidden away in ceiling voids or behind walls. 

Graeme Bell –  Aerocom (UK) Ltd BIM Design Manager.

When it comes to artistic pneumatic tube systems Aerocom are a market leader in design and installation, for enquiries or more information  contact us and ask to speak with our design team. 

Visitors can see and even interact with the pneumatic tube system, installed by Aerocom, from June 22 to September 9 at Coopers Studios, part of the Great Exhibition of the North 2018. #getnorth2018