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Aerocom, Hyperloop and the Rocket – We are so proud

6th July 2018

What a surprise to have the pneumatic tube system we recently installed for Ryder Architecture as part of the Horse to Hyperloop exhibit, for the Great Exhibition of the North to get so much publicity. The concept Horse to Hyperloop, which the Ryder design team has developed, is to exhibit the world of BIM and inspire the next generation of Architects and Designers. Far from being just 3D, the Ryder team using state of the art design software and hardware, have developed a multi dimensional exhibit taking the world of 3D design and adding; time, movement, sound and quite a few more “D”s.


We were originally delighted just to be associated with Hyperloop through our air tube art but you could have knocked us down with a feather on seeing the opening day post below on the GEotN facebook page, our installation work shown on the same post as Robert Stephenson’s “Rocketwhat an honour.

The Rocket changed the world introducing the concept of rail travel, the hyperloop is the latest innovation for high speed commuting, and that is where we link, the railway becomes an air tube system. The highly talented Ryder design team invited Aerocom to construct the pneumatic tube, interactive enhancement, for the Horse to Hyperloop exhibit.

Ryder Architecture are currently working on the Hyperloop design with other developers on the ambitious and innovative concept of the Northern Arc.

Aerocom (UK)  is a family company, led by John Hughes, who supply conveyance systems for hospitals, industry and retail use, mainly using PVC pneumatic tube extruded by a specialist company from Germany, Kuro GmbH, who supplied this special plexiglass tube for the exhibit. Our manufacturing company in Ireland, APT, supplied the Safe-linK combined drive and control unit.

We don’t build Rockets or Hyperloops, our marketplace is mainly in sample transportation or materials transfer using small diameter pneumatic tubes or AGV (automated guided vehicles). But we are a very happy family to see one of our installed systems getting so much admiration. #getnorth2018