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Ergonomic Design Pneumatic Tube System

23rd May 2017

Last year aerocom UK were approached by a Turkish company inviting us to install a pneumatic tube system for an exhibition at Somerset House in London. Designed by Autoban, installed by us, it most definitely wowed the crowds!!

An octagonal & ergonomic design, with incredible speed we brought to the exhibition the “Wish Machine” the public spent hours writing their wishes, inserting these into carriers and watched these transported to the Wish Master.

This piece of art demonstrated the multifunctional use our tube systems are capable of, not only are they used in hospitals, warehouses & the retail sector, we also  purpose build and install systems to satisfy your requirements.  So, what will you wish for?

Further information can be found on our website, alternatively please contact us to find out more.


Author: Asifa Ayub