Quarry Gatehouses – Pneumatic Tube Application

Within every industry, no matter how efficient, there is always the opportunity to streamline an operation, improve turnaround, and reduce the risks of harming all parties involved in any industrial process. A quality company’s success is based on quality systems which incorporate audits, reviews, risk analysis and lessons learned to encourage continual improvements, which then lead to enhancing customer satisfaction.

Hanson UK is a leading supplier of heavy building materials to the construction industry. For several years Aerocom have been developing streamlining processes on various Hanson supply depots around the UK using air tube systems to simplify and improve safety of HGV traffic flow operations within the logistics process of collecting and loading bulk materials.

We have blogged before on gatehouse pneumatic tube system applications but since have been making an effort to provide informative videos to further explain the benefits of our systems in various applications. In this instance the application is on a weighbridge at a quarry entrance, but we have provided several other solutions to hanson at cement and aggregate depots.

And apart from the obvious benefits made clear in the presentation, we can also add the benefit of social distancing which is a very relevant advantage at the presents moment.