The Solution For Sample Handling

Laboratory staff at busy sample handling stations unload thousands of sample filled carriers every day, as well as having to return the empty carrier to the owner. This can be time consuming and cause repetitive strain for lab staff. Here at Aerocom we have a solution, our auto unloading stations fully automate this process to improve speed and efficiency of lab staff when handling carriers.

Our automatic unloading stations have been designed specifically for hospital pneumatic tube systems.

1 zone
2 zone

Types of Auto Unloading Stations

Available in both Ø110 & Ø160mm, our Automatic Unloading System is a perfect solution for any busy laboratory. By unloading trays automatically, they eliminate the necessity for staff to constantly man the sample handling stations to avoid the carriers, and sample workload, from building up. Carriers will be received by the station, then progress to the discharge position where the lid will be opened, and the sample pushed out into a tray below. The emptied carrier is then closed and moves on to the sending position to be automatically returned to the owner using RFID scanning technology.

The auto unloading stations can be configured as either a single zone, or for better turnaround with separate  receiving and send back zones. A backup EWS end station is advised should there be any problems unloading the carrier, the carrier can be dumped and opened manually. The lab can also use the backup station to send and receive just as any standard station.

Another perfect application for the Auto Unloading Station is a fastrack point to point system.

Major users like Emergency Departments or Phlebotomy Clinics can send constant streams of sample carriers to the laboratory which will be automatically unloaded and returned.

The staff at sample handling will not need to man the station, only collect the samples from the tray below the AUS.

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Fastrack point to point auto unloading system