In the fast-paced world of distribution, time is of the essence and every delivery has documentation.

With the use of a pneumatic transport system, transportation terminals can effectively move necessary paperwork throughout the terminal. Whether it is from an outside Security Hut, LTL Office or Dock Office, a pneumatic transport system can speed up efficiency and minimise waiting time for drivers and loaders.

For warehouses the pneumatic system offers a variety of applications from moving freight bills to shipping tickets. Our systems can provide a seamless network that allows stations to send to the appropriate locations. Whether it is connecting the front office to the shipping/receiving department or connecting Ticket Despatch to multiple order picking locations, aerocom has the system to meet your need. All system are available with underground tube routed to remote locations.

The AC660 system is ideal when you need to have several locations sending to a central office.

Smaller Terminals have also employed the AC2U pneumatic system when they choose to connect only two or three points. The AC2U is highly effective and reliable for customers who do not see expansion in the near future.

Both the AC50 and AC2U are available for underground installations to connect terminal buildings to remote gate houses. The systems also come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 110mm up to 200mm.

The AC3000 is the system of choice when advanced features are needed or more than ten stations are required. The system offers a variety of features and reports that can be customised for your needs.

Ideal for Warehouses

Where the AGV has made the biggest market impact in the UK is in warehouses, every warehouse has a fleet of fork lift trucks or stackers. The biggest cost saving benefit of alternatively using an AGV is from a driverless fleet working 3 shift per day.

The AGV can be so versatile in any warehouse or distribution centre and is not limited to only lifting and transportation applications. Models can be designed to integrate with other conveyer system and bridge gaps in existing automation.

Just take a look at the AVG models page, our labour-saving solutions are limitless.