aerocom (UK) Ltd is a leader in the transport of Cash in the retail sector by matching customer needs to our diverse product line.

Our line of pneumatic cash tube systems allows retail customers to reduce their exposure to theft by replacing human transport with pneumatic transport. By utilising air tubes, retailers can not only decrease the risk of internal or external theft, but also dramatically reduce the amount of labour needed for keeping registers stocked.

Our AC660 system is designed for retailers that have multiple Checkout locations and want to efficiently move cash. The pneumatic systems are designed to connect a central location (vault or cash office) to multiple substations (Checkouts). The system design allows only the transfer between the master station and specified substations. Substations are not able to send to each other. The system provides a detailed audit trail which can be printed showing every transaction with date/time stamp.

The AC2U is our point-to-point pneumatic system that is designed to connect only two locations. This system provides efficient and secure transport of cash/coin through these cash tubes. This system also offers an audit trail via a printer.

For the UK market, we also have a basic “Safe-linK” system for smaller retail outlets and even the good old British corner shop. The safe is usually placed in a secure area of the building with a concealed send tube close to the till, when a single assistant needs to get an influx of cash into the security of the safe they simply send the money via these cash tubes directly into the safe without leaving their post.