Pneumatic Tube Systems for Quarries & Gatehouses

HGV loading operations or deliveries to and from sites supplying raw materials may pose several risks to both the HGV driver and the gatehouse security when exchanging the order documents or delivery notes.

Heavy goods vehicle traffic to and from quarries, concrete depots, and cement or aggregate bulk suppliers will usually have to stop at the gatehouse to submit the load order documents or delivery notes. Queues can quickly form at peak periods. Drivers are reluctant to get out of the vehicles and switch off the engines to walk across the road to the security office. Aerocom has provided countless document delivery systems at gatehouses to ease the operation and streamline the traffic flow.

Maximise efficiency at your quarry or gatehouse with Aerocom’s state-of-the-art pneumatic tube systems. Get in touch now to unlock your facility’s full potential!

These hazards and associated risks can be eliminated by simply installing a dedicated aerocom pneumatic air tube link and intercom from the driver’s window of the truck directly to the gatehouse security office

  • The driver must stop the engine when leaving the vehicle
  • The driver or security may have to cross multiple access roads
  • The road surface may be muddy and slippery
  • There may be overhead loading activities
  • Traffic flow and delivery/pickup turnover may be slowed down

With a basic intercom and weatherproof air tube stations conveniently mounted at optimum access to the driver’s window, communications and document exchanges are made in seconds using pneumatic tube systems.

Depending on the distance and local requirement or building arrangements we have a choice of:

  • Various tube diameters from Ø63mm, Ø90mm, Ø110mm, or Ø160mm
  • Tube can be routed internally, externally or even underground
  • A choice of stations, intercoms, carriers and accessories
  • Blowers can be single-phase or 3-phase in various volume capacities
  • Control systems range from simple to sophisticated