AGV Guided Vehicles and Robotics


Gliding effortlessly around, moving anything from white goods in high stacked warehouse shelving, hospital waste and catering trollies to a 63-ton industrial load in the pouring rain.


From automated fork trucks in warehousing to care and service robots, AGVs are very versatile with a multitude of high-value applications in material flow, production processes, and internal logistics.



Vehicles available include platform trucks, high-lift fork trucks, stackers and narrow-aisle stackers, high-rack stackers, tractors, and drive-under tractors, we can even make bespoke models to suit your specific needs.

All models ensure the highest levels of safety and security using laser scanners, bumpers, safety edges and two-channel safety circuit and if the protective field is breached the vehicle will stop dead in its tracks until the trigger is deactivated.



Value in motion...

Aerocom is your partner for automated guided vehicles (AGV) and offers a range of services and solution from design, integration, installation and ongoing 24/7 support and maintenance.


AGVs are very versatile and can be used as hospital porters, driverless fork trucks or stackers and automatic materials supply robots.


With automated charging and extended battery life, the AGV will work around the clock to move your materials quietly, efficiently and of course automatically, saving money, time and resources.


With the highest levels of "protective field" safety and various guidance options, the benefits far outweigh the investment which is quickly recovered by reduced labour costs and efficient, safe delivery.






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