Pneumatic Air Tube Systems and Technology

aerocom UK Ltd offers the widest variety of system types, sizes and designs, to carry just about anything that will fit in a carrier. From the most fragile object to industrial applications, aerocom has the technology and system design to meet your needs. We offer all of the individual components necessary for a complete system, including an extensive choice of stations, tubing, carriers, diverters, blowers and other accessories.

Using only low pressure air, the pneumatic tube system is a quiet and efficient, modern solution, for capsulated transportation of small to medium sized packages.

Choosing the right diameter

The first consideration required to ensure a system is fit for purpose is that the items to be transported fit inside a carrier, we have a wide range of carriers in various diameters and lengths straight off the shelf. If the design requires something bespoke our international suppliers are more than willing to develop a carrier specific to your needs. Once the carrier volume is established we can then decide the tube diameter to match the carrier.

The most popular sizes are Ø110mm or Ø160mm but we offer a full range of sizes from Ø50mm to Ø315mm for standard pneumatic transportation. Most modern pneumatic tube systems use UPVC tube with added fire protection, stainless steel tube is also available

Whether a basic point-to-point, two-station configuration,

or a highly sophisticated microprocessor-controlled state-of-the-art system, aerocom UK has the technology.

Carriers negotiate their way through the network at speeds of approximately 4-8 meters per second dependant on the blower volume, transporting their contents safely to the assigned destination.

We stock a wide range of control systems from simple console pre-set operation to sophisticated computerised controllers with internet access via tablets or smartphones. The choice is yours, and every system we provide is suited to application and budget.

Regardless of operating system our systems can be summarised in three categories:

aerocom product lines are manufactured in Germany by aerocom GmbH & Co to the highest of international standards.

With hundreds of variables available, we summarise the most popular systems below:

AC3000 Pneumatic Air Tube System

The microprocessor controlled single or multi zone system.

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AC4000 Pneumatic Air Tube System


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Safe-linK is a one-way air tube system which is designed to assist a cashier in removing all surplus cash or other vulnerable items by transporting bank notes, credit card vouchers and cheques etc. via the ceiling void, directly into...

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AC2U Pneumatic Air Tube System

Our most popular choice for basic point to point systems, a 3rd station may also be added for additional area coverage.

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AC660 Pneumatic Air Tube System

Typical uses for cash handling systems are petrol stations, small and medium sized supermarkets, cinemas, banks and toll booths.

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Custom Pneumatic Air Tube Systems

Through experience and technology aerocom offers custom design and manufacturing services to meet your specialised requirements.

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Air Tube Carriers

The air tube carriers shown in this section are just a sample of our total carrier product line within the pneumatic tube system range.

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System Enhancements & Integration

Our pneumatic tube systems come with a range of enhancements and innovations, which offer great flexibility to businesses within a range of industries.

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Interchange for Multi Zone Systems

Where AC3000 and AC4000 systems are most commonly used is when the infrastructure has several zones and needs to transfer between zones to connect the entire network of stations. If only two or three working zones are necessary, we...

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Air Tube Stations

Our pneumatic tube systems come with a range of enhancements and innovations, which offer great flexibility to businesses within a range of industries.

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